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I'm going to be setting up a links page on my site, then I'll add links to other sites, then I'll contact those sites to let them know I've linked to their site -- and I'll ask them to (in return) link to my site.

Here's my question to you guys... Any advice on the specific nature/set-up I should ask the link back to my site they put on their site should resemble? I don't want to go to all this trouble, only to discover the backlinks they put on their site haven't been 'optimized' in some way or other.

Please advise.


-- TW
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    a links page can do more harm than good these days. The most valuable link is one embedded within the body text, with suitable anchor text.
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    what you are doing is reciprocal linking for all the effort you are putting for this you can get better linking strategies

    don't worry about it just give them the little bio and anchor text you want posted and hope for the best

    look for links in other places, this forum has many, many methods already in threads


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