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I have over the past week been building a list by offering a FREE report and I aim to offer my services to all my subscribers hoping they will spend money with me to integrate my report into there businesses.

But I am new to email marketing and have so far sent ou 3 email follow ups all with valuable info for free.

My question is how and when should I market a product or service to my list and what sort of results will I get?? (I know the last part depends on a few variables but just want an idea)

Appreciate all help on list building,

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    There is no one answer to this question. Every list is going to respond
    differently. Some lists, you can send them 10 straight emails of nothing but
    good content and on the 11th send them a sales pitch and they get all
    pissed off and unsubscribe in droves.

    With another list, you can pitch them everyday and they'll buy from you

    The answer...test your list.

    Having said that, I suggest maybe sending 2 emails of content and then 1
    email with a pitch.

    It works for one of my lists but then again, as I said, every list is different.

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      I'm getting sick and tired of Steven posting correct answers. He's sucking up all the air from this room. Steven - and I think I speak (well, type) for a lot of us - STOP BEING SO RIGHT ALL THE DANG TIME!

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    Steven is exactly right! SOme lists jsut want short blasts of promo promo promo... Heck I am on a few greta marketers lists and I very rarely get a "free" content email. Everything that comes across my desk from them is about buying something... anything... and it works well for them. I know them personally and they are living the dream.

    We are also like Steven with some of our lists... they EXPECT nothing but content content content and do not want to be sold anything. :-)

    One thing testing has shown us is the lists that want content content content seem to do well with a short email directing them back to a blog with that content. Inside that short email aout the content being posted over at xyz site we also have a soft sales promo for something. We also have this scattered around the blog we post to.

    This works well for us. When they get less responsive, we change things up a bit to "wake them up". Never be stale or their excitement will fade and so will your income.

    The main thing is to stay in contact in some way with your people so they do not forget who you are!
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    Thanks for the replies I will look inot it and TEST TEST TEST!!
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    If you want to see a method that works. Subscribe to Makepeace.

    That guy sends so much value 2 to 4 times a day he can pitch me anytime.

    George Wright
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    try this as a simple formula (it works):

    - some tips
    - a product recommendation relating to those tips
    - a freebie relating to the tips

    then remind them of what you mentioned last time, preview what's coming,
    and always tell them what action to take right now.

    [ see sig box below ;-) ]


    Mark Hendricks

    PS - profiting from lists for 25+ years and since 1994 online.


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