How to get a dog to mount you

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So tonight I'm searching through some old posts of Allen's in the War Room and I'm reminded of something extremely valuable that he underscores a lot: think Mass Market.

In other words, think about offering and/or creating stuff that appeals to a whole bunch of folks.

All of us IM'ers (myself included) tend to get so caught up in our little world... that we don't realize just how little it is.

Talk to the average joe about conversions or html code or cost-per-click, and rather than spend a single penny with you they'll look at you like deer in the headlights.

So Allen's gems of wisdom remind me of this, and I decide I'll go do a little research to see what "Bob and Mary Internet Searcher" are looking for.

I head on over to the free keyword tool at Wordtracker and type in just 2 simple words: how to

HUGE Disclaimer: When you do this you'll find some... uhhh... interesting results. That's all I'm gonna say.

But the real kicker is the search term I see listed in the #4 position:

"How to get a dog to mount you"... with...get this... an estimated 2505 searches A DAY. Check for yourself.

The two big lessons I learned:

1) There's huge value in venturing out beyond our little "IM bubble" here at WF and reminding ourselves what the majority of customers (mass market) are wanting

2) Bob and Mary Internet Searcher are truly warped individuals.

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    Should write an article about "how to get a dog to mount you" with an affiliate link from a wholesale butcher at the bottom. That or maybe "ask a doctor online" or something. Unbelievable
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    Well Ken... looks like you're on to something. An undiscovered
    niche that may have potential. Hard to gauge, though. Probably
    not many ppc ads so it's tough to ascertain profit potential.

    So generous of you to share this little gem with us.

    Yes, the daily search volume really is disturbing.
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    i remember doing this "how to" search once, but i have to say your post is proof that Wordtracker is JUNK.

    According to Market Samurai AND Google Tool this phrase gets approx 29 searches/day its about 800 ish/month. Your results are way off, am afraid. And that's why i am not using WT

    Edit: I wonder where WT gets its data from...maybe they tap into some adult/xxx data where this is a common question?
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    Lordy, lordy, lordy 'tis a funny old world!

    Doesn't matter to me if it's a few thousand or a couple of hundred, but people searching for THAT term in particular seriously need some help!

    Hang on, I think I've just found a new niche, how's this for a call to action:
    "Is your obsession with being mounted by a dog causing problems in your marriage? Click here to learn how to train the beast inside."....
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    Well the title certainly invites people to read the thread lol
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    It reminds me of an Alaskan Malamute we owned. Friends of ours had a female, ours was a male. At least I think he was.

    When their female went into heat we tried mating them. Ours couldn't figure out what he was supposed to do! He just followed her around the yard knowing he wanted something, but didn't know what.

    Talk about a stupid dog. Maybe he needed to "google it."

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    Holy WOW!

    There's huge value in venturing out beyond our little "IM bubble" here at WF and reminding ourselves what the majority of customers (mass market) are wanting
    If that's what I get for venturing out, just call me "Bubble Girl"...LOL
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    For anyone who need it, there's plenty of information (11,200,000 sites) for:

    how to get rid of it before the wife gets home


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    ...thought I've miss typed the wrong URL in my browser when I hit this thread! Was somewhat worried what pics would 'pop' up!

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    I saw a great video at a conference of dog trainer, Jean Donaldson, teaching her dog to mount her leg and putting a command to it. I kept thinking how if someone outside our group saw it, they would think she had lost her mind. A few months later, I saw the same youtube clip on The Soup on E! HA HA

    I never underestimate what people will search for. I find all kinds of fun things in my logs for people trying to find my Vegas site that have absolutely nothing to do with anything travel or Vegas related. Hilarious.
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    Oh holy cow -- I might have to go back and re-write my dog training report....seems like I left something out.
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    WT uses the data from 1 of the meta search engines. Off the top of my head I cant remember and they the estimate total volume using the search volume from their data to Google and Yahoo. I think it was the number 4 search engine

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