Am I that stupid?

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Thank you for this thread. Every time discouragement or info-overload creeps in, the Warrior forum lifts me up and pulls me back to center.

Please let me start by telling you that I bought 17 domains with .com surrounding particular "solidgold" phrases eg. yoursolidgoldcomputer, mysolidgoldinternet, Asolidgoldweb ect. The domains have been parked at Godaddy for about six months now and were purchased long before I found this forum.

I have one .us domain hosted with a provider that doesn't employ CpanelX. I've had it for years and used it mainly to host photos linked to Ebay auctions using Frontpage, Again, that was years ago. Anyway, I am finding it extremely difficult now to install wordpress, mainly because of my inexperience with related site building tools in the admin area. which includes my difficulty with the database setup.

My questions are these
How can I install a professional looking sales page and opt in form without using Frontpage? I’ve read here that Frontpage sucks in a lot of browsers.

Would you suggest that I drop the .us and its hosting, then run with the dot coms at a new host such as Hostgator? I understand Hostgators baby account will support unlimited domains and sites. Will the CPanelX allow the easy installation of Wordpress, plug-ins and opt-in forms?

I sure would like to back link all the sites to one another, blogs, article sites, and social networks in some way.
Do I understand that this will increase SEO somehow?

I am chomping at the bit to start the article writing processes allowing ever increasing traffic to the sites but that’s another hurdle. All I hear about is how easy it is to start. “All you need is a sales page and an opt in form” “You can start making money in 24 hours” “Just sign up affiliates and you’ll make over $1000 by this time tomorrow” and so forth.

Sorry, Head banging rant concluded.

It gets frustrating sometimes. I have all this information and power within me but can't get past a simple sales page with opt-in.

Am I that stupid?
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    I understand that it can be hard to do the simple things and make them work right. The last thing you want is an unprofessional looking page that looks like it was created in the 90's.

    This might help, YouTube is a wealth of technical information. This search will give you tons of help:

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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      I use FrontPage and have few complaints in that dept. The problem with FP is all the code it creates which messes up in other browsers than IE. If you know anything about HTML, you can edit out a lot of the extra code that you see.

      One way is to open the file in Notepad, rather than FP so you can clear away the extra code automatically. Code containing "MSO something or other" frequently crowds the real code. You'll see this if you copy a FP webpage and paste it into Word. But that's really beside the point, if you won't want to bother with that.

      One very easy and fast way is to use Wordpress on your own host. I'm having a problem right now figuring out how to create additional blogs with it on my own host because I've forgotten how I did it.

      If you want to continue with your own hosted Wordpress for your pages, here's the instructional manual:

      Main Page WordPress Codex

      Good luck.

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    When it comes to backlinks etc. we have found Peter Drews software, especially the new Bruteforce seo due out in a couple of weeks to work especially well for us.

    We had been stumbling around trying to figure traffic and links out when we found Drew's stuff.

    It can be a little complicated in the beginning, but then it really works quickly to help us get first page listings on google.

    You have to use keywords that get less traffic like a few hundred visitors a day to get high rankings on the first page, but then with a few of these the traffic starts to bring the sales for us.
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    Don't throw away the .us domain - if it's old, you'll want to use it later. Google likes age.

    If you can afford it, open up a new hosting account with Hostgator, put yur .com domains on there, and use cpanel and fantastico to install Wordpress automatically. Very very easy. Or, use a HTML editor to build a minisite and put that on the newly hosted domain.

    Linking sites together is useful but it's more useful if they are not all on the same host - so, use your old .us domain (if it's already indexed and in Google) to link to the new ones and get them indexed more quickly.

    There are many free HTML editors out there instead of Frontpage, some WYSIWYG. I Use 1stPage myself but it's been orphaned. Google "free HTML editor" to find them.

    You might benefit from one of the many "newbie step-by-step" programs out there, some are free. Once you've gone through the process once with handholding, you'll be able to do it yourself.

    keep plugging away
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    Making $1000.00 by this time tomorrow could happen, but the odds are against it. What you need is a solid plan and focus and ask yourself how you can compete , in the Market place and what changes you need to make and please be honest with yourself. At least for me I have always look at the competition and realized to be the best, you have to be better than the best, and that is a hard thing to do without a solid plan. But to make money online I always felt a person needs to put thier best foot forward and do a lot of studying and research. And then look into area's that others have not looked into and test the market place for a winner.
    I know I am new here to Warrior forum, but I have been selling online since 1993 and I have done very well. At least these are guidlines I follow to success and it works for me.
    Remember we all strive to be the best, because we want those high google rankings.No one wants to be in the back of the pack. That can be distressing when you're a little fish floating in a huge ocean, I know for years that thought caused me and many others to learn and study hard online.
    Thanks GW
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      Thank you one and all for the valuable information.

      Youtube is terrific but I can watch my hair fall out as this trickle-data dial-up loads the video. I did manage to view one that helped enormously. After spending the day Googleing “squeeze page” and related terms, I should be able to accomplish this vital chore of lead capture with ease.

      Before joining you Warriors, I was determined to use an auto-responder originating from my machine but instead I’ve chosen Getresponse for its unlimited capabilities, free trial period and tracking, not to mention the affiliate program. Speaking of affiliates, Chris Surfrider’s Conduit Method might be a perfect avenue for this .us domain, being that Google has it already indexed. Thanks for that tip. I’ll keep it active and use the suggestion of linking software to optimize rankings.

      Thanks for the FrontPage ideas. It’s already on the machine so I might as well use it. If remembering correctly, it can copy existing code from the web. I might as well find pages similar to those needed and alter the HTML to suit. It doesn’t sound exactly Kosher but I promise not to use copyrighted graphics or content in any way. I have a ton of PLR collecting virtual dust to pull from.

      Yes if it’s one thing I’ve learned here is that focus is the heart of accomplishment. Easy to say but hard for this scatterbrain to implement. Somehow it is becoming easier as my savings rapidly diminish. Lets hope it doesn’t take being homeless to finally pinpoint successJ To be the best of the best is a very high target indeed. I couldn’t dream of competing with Donald Trump in real-estate investment and I won’t try to top the IM Gurus here, but I am and will continue to study hard, very hard. I will settle for creating original content of interest and value. If I can find interest, create value then traffic leading to ultimate sales, my meager needs will be met.
      Who knows, surely someone famous once said, “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” All I want is a few blister pads along the way.

      My deepest thanks to you all for bringing me, once again, back to center.

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