Article Confusion, HELP me!

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I am new to article marketing and I am wondering if you should add the article you submit to the directories (for the backlinks) to your actual website too i.e. to have more content or will google penalise you for duplicate content?
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    Hi Nixter,

    If you want to post the articles to your own site, do that first - preferably a few days or a week before you submit them to directories. That way, you get the first credit from Google for the article. When you send the article to directories after that time, you will get the backlink benefits as well as providing readers with some valuable information that makes them want to click and buy your product.


    PS: It's even better if you rewrite the article so that it's 85% different from the original before submitting it to the directories. That way, you maintain the unique content on your site.
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      Thanks Sylvia that really helps. I keep getting conflicting information about this.
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      What do you see as the benefit from posting on your site first and then to EZA? Since EZA has a higher page ranking (at least for me, wouldn't you rather get the original page ranked by Google first. Then, rewrite the article and post it on your site for maybe additional juice?

      I see benefits for both, but just curious what your thoughts are on this.
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    Always use unique articles for your web site and, if possible, also for your article submissions.

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      I write at least 2 versions of every article as my main niche is tiny and has very few good terms. In fact looking back it is 4 or 5 times.

      The first one goes to my site. the second one to EA, the third one to Isnare

      If I have any left then they go to the new articlemarketingautomation web site where I rewrite each one 3 times.

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