How to setup mini sites payment?

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Hi Guys,

I have several MMR ebooks to sell.
I got the sales letter and thank you page.

The only problem is, I don't know how to setup the payment.

I have a e-junkie account for my own product.
But I don't think its a good idea to sell several ebooks that has MB's of size through ejunkie.

So what I am looking for is, a simple script that handle payment through paypal then it later send the customer an encrypted download link.

I know there are RAP, DlGuard and JVManager, but I see them as hard to use and quite expensive to start with.

I wonder if there is any cheap solution?
I already got some alternative from googling, but I'd love to hear what you use for your mini sites.


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    Personally, i'd recommend DLGuard.

    Not only will it handle the payment but also protect your product.

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    I use dlguard to manage all my sales. Not only it protects your download link (but I don't use that feature), it also sends download information to you customer's email immediately.

    There are many things I like about dlguard. I can view the customers list easily, resending them the download links if requested, changing the price of my product on the fly without having to log in to PayPal, and the ability to customize the download link.

    You can install it on one site, and manage all your sales even if they are in different sites.

    If you need support, just email Sam Stephens (the creator), or log on to the support forum, and you'll get the support fast!

    I really recommend it!

    Fairuz Talib
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    I've used Payloadz to sell downloadable items through Paypal, and it works. It's cheap for a just a few things, gets more expensive the more items and the more MB you have.
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    $7 Secrets Script might be a good option for you.

    It's not the easiest to setup, but not all that difficult either. Especially if you get Kevin Riley's All-Thumbs Installation Guide.

    The biggest benefit is that it's cheap and works directly with PayPal.

    The other benefit is that you can easily use it build a big list by letting your customers sell your product for you and keep all the commission. Of course, that's what it was designed for.

    If you're selling with PayPal using any system, you may want to check out my WSO on boosting conversions with PayPal. It will show you why PayPal is driving away customers and how to stop it.

    Good luck.
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    I use the e-junkie option for 18.00 a month and host the files on my own seamlessly and I can update files easily myself if changes are needed, then no need to change anything on ejunkie, I did the 5.00 option to start, then moved up. I tried RAP, it was a pain to use, though support is good.
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      Thanks for the respond everyone!
      Why not just use the one built into PayPal???[quote]

      I need an encrypt download link delivered to the customers email Jamie

      Brian, thanks for you mentioning about RAP

      Too all of you, I'll check all your recommendation!

      If any of you still have good alternative, I'm here listening


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