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I have mixed opinions about this, so perhaps you can help me see the light.

I'm investigating a new idea that I haven't seen anyone else implement yet. It's related to providing packages for Affiliate Marketers to use. I don't want to add more about my idea just yet because...

My quandary is, what's the best way to test this idea?

1) Would you spell it out in the WF to see if it would actually fly?


2) Would you keep quiet and find some other way to test your idea?

The concern is that if I spell it all out, someone else will grab my idea before I get a chance to develop it. My goal is to make this "business" totally unique and not just a duplication of what's already available. It's actually a spinoff enhancement from what's already out there but I haven't seen anyone else do it... yet.

Thanks for your input.

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    Hi Sylvia

    I would try to find an experienced warrior and invite them to help you. Perhaps someone who has helped answer questions in your posts

    I certainly wouldn't be telling the forum openly at this point.

    I am just about to launch my first IM product and the only people who know are those who need to know.
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      Thanks, kenj.

      I realize it's better if you can develop your product and launch it without blabbing to everyone about it beforehand. Contacting people who have responded to my posts is a good idea. I did ask one person on a similar issue and he was positive about giving me feedback on what he'd like to see.

      This "testing" issue has puzzled me for awhile now, so I'm hoping Warriors can offer suggestions into how they test the market before they actually begin production. If no one else is doing this specifically, it would be important to know if anyone would actually buy this version.

      Of course, if you find that other people are offering something similar, it's safe to say it probably has a market. I think I'm ok on that point. But since my idea goes a bit further I'm not sure if it would sell... or how much to charge.

      How can you put your query forward without revealing too much?

      Any other ideas, Warriors? I can't believe only one person responded. :confused:


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    Sounds to me you have analysis paralysis.

    Create it and be done with it, and tweak along the way.

    If you are in this for the long run this will not be the only product you will create. Once you release it everyone else will be a copy.

    So my best advice is to maybe invite a few people to review your product if you must get someone's approval to get you over your questions.

    For me I just jump in get it out and be over it, as I see opportunities for improvement I tweak this is my testing a real live audience.

    I have been involved in the R&D world for long time and the mantra for that business is he who hesitates loses market share if you wait for perfection.

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      Thanks, Ed.

      Some Warriors have discussed testing products before launch so I was hoping to get some feedback into how they went about it. My previous experiences in launching products has not been very successful - make that, not successful. 0-1 sales total.

      My new idea will take considerable work up front, which is why I'd like to do some testing beforehand. I just don't know how to go about it. And since I have a beeeeg mouth, I'm naturally hesitant to open it.

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    I agree with KenJ - you must "know" 1 or 2 marketers with integrity who can help. Most experienced marketers would be way too busy (and I hope honest - but maybe I'm naive) to rip you off. But posting to the masses could cause a rip off approach.
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      Well if nothing else your thread has stopped me worrying about details and launch my new product online.

      Thankyou Sylvia

      I can offer to help as a sounding board but I am not the most experienced warrior by far. I simply did the old thing of

      Ready ---- Fire ----- Aim
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    Hi sylviad,
    I am a website developer and not a marketer (Though I have created some products and fixing to release 2 new products). If you want to shoot me a PM with some partial ideas (not full ideas) I may be able to help..


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