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    Hello Kory

    - 1500 daily visitors

    The number of visitors to your site. They could be repeat visits unless they're classed as unique visitors.

    - 25000 page views

    Number of web pages served to all visitors.

    - 60, 000 daily hits

    Number of files served to all visitors, including images, style sheets, Javascript files etc.

    Hope that helps.


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    That was not a dumb question!!! I have been doing this for a few years and statistics still trip me up. Page rank, back links, hits, views, visitors...too much stuff to keep track of.

    [quote=korypearman;130249]I was just reading over the thread by Tuzic and they said:

    I thought Visitors/Views/Hits were all the same thing? What's the difference between a 'view' and a 'visitor' or even a 'hit'.

    Sorry for the dumb question but thanks for the feedback

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