Do You Enjoy The Process?

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Hi Guys,

I was thinking a lot about this lately and would like to know how the rest of you feel.

Do you enjoy Internet Marketing?

I for the most part do. I, obviously, am in this for the money but I do really enjoy it and all the additional benefits it brings.

The things that I enjoy the most about Internet Marketing so far are copywriting because it's just so awesome to be able to write a sales letter and then have it doing all the work for you without you even being there.

I also think waking up in the morning to see some sales have been made while I sleep as something I'll never tire of.

So how about you guys?

What do you most like/dislike about the wonderful world of Internet Marketing?

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  • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
    I LOVE the process...

    For me it's the sexiest part ...

    I'm the kind of marketer who gets a site up and running smoothly, then moves on and only comes back to it when stats look a little shady..

    It's the process that gives me the kicks...

    Keyword research, forum research, testing, working out the tweaks and changes...


    YUP... Love the process...


    p.s. The money's good too ;-)
    • Profile picture of the author Kenneth L

      Great to hear you enjoy it too.

      I remember Warren Buffet saying that he enjoys the process more than the proceeds BUT still really enjoys the proceeds too!

      Kinda sums it up eh?!
    • Profile picture of the author Sean A McAlister
      I love Every Freakin Minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

      Especially here!

      Where else can you rub elbows with some of the greatest Internet Marketers
      on the Planet.
    • Profile picture of the author Michael Dominic
      Being able to spend all my time at home with my family means the world to me. Because of this, I am grateful.

      I do enjoy the process, I like to do research, I like to create new things, and I love seeing those sales come in!

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