Need a mentor..will pay..

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Hi everybody..

I´m working on my online career since 2005.

I already learned a lot from you guys and I really love this forum for sure.

I have a great niche a have learned many skills already.

But sales are little.

Who would give me a chance by shadowing him/her for some time?

I´d fly over to you, you..won´t be a pain in the neck for you.

I just want someone to learn from, share thoughts and get the maybe final tip for me to undestand this business.

I will give away my niche for sure.

Th*s is what I´d love to do for the rest of my life..I do it for many years with fair results and still enjoy it and don´t stop believing in it..

If you think I earn a chance, please PM me..

Thank you very much!!!

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    Guten tag appolion

    Vie gehts es ihnen?

    OK. for all the other warriors I will stay in english

    You do need a mentor but surely the warrior forum can be your mentor. I paid top dollar for mentoring last year. But the information on this forum is of far greater value than the 12 sessions I paid for.

    What I discovered is that without action the internet is useless - so do something. If it doesn't work share the problem here and get answers.

    If it does work - share it here to help others

    viel spass
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    Vielen Dank, Kenj..

    the thing is that I maybe don´t know the right questions to ask..

    I feel like I´m doing right with my business, but somehow there seem to be major misunderstandings or a lack of knowledge which I don´t even know it´s know??

    How did you learn??
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      Hi Mike, sent you a PM

      Frank Bruno
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      I have learnt by taking action

      I noticed that a lot of people were talking about adsense income and article marketing so I just copied what they did. I now make a small amount of adsense income.

      I also went thorugh the process of finding a niche and writing an ebook product for that niche. thus week I sold 3 copies of my ebook for this niche.

      As I have been busying myself with all this stuff I have been learning about creating products and running an online business.

      Now that I have spent a year or so doing stuff rather than just watching I am about to launch a product. That is where the money is. I have pretty much missed out the affiliate marketing rite of passage.

      Anyway- If you want more help PM me and I will tell you what I do.

      Bis Spater

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