Video help PLEASE!!!!

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G'day everyone

I have been given a video that I want to use on a squeeze page, but it says "click the arrow to play"

I want the video to start playing immediately the page comes up without having to click anything - can someone tell me how to change the html???

I have totally checked every page of my html for dummies but just cant find what I need!

Any help or suggestions - GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks on advance - Kym
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    I'd advise against doing that. Some people keep their volume
    on but don't necessarily want sounds automatically emanating
    from their computers. Especially while they're at work at a day
    job. This would be a quick method to drive traffic away from
    your site, possibly never to return. Leave your visitors with
    the option of pressing play.

    BTW, if you forego my advice, visit the player's home page,
    you should be able to find instructions on changing its
    parameters there.
    • Profile picture of the author Kym Robinson
      Thanks monetize!

      is there a way then, to have the video play straight away without the sound?

      Tim Linden has just done a big study that basically says....dont even bother with a video if it doesnt autoplay!

      The sound is just a very cool and calm bit of music btw.
      Thanks again!
      PS - how do I know what the homepage for the video is?
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    I hate it when videos just start without me selecting it.
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    How to autostart depends on the type of videoplayer you're using. Obviously there's already something integrated in your site. Unless someone has access to that player he can't tell you how to autostart.

    If video and player are separate it will be easy, if you only have a file that is a combined player and video file it may be not so easy.

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    In case it was missed as stated earlier in this thread...

    Whether a video autoplays or not often depends on the video player you are using to embed it and whether that player has an autoplay option.

    Your solution will be to contact the person who provided you the video and the player or the company that created the player.

    As for the other advice in this thread...

    Don't listen to anyone that tells you that you should not use autoplay.

    It's not people's opinions that matter its your own statistics.
  • Profile picture of the author Kym Robinson
    I myself agree!
    I hate it when the sound comes on by itself too!
    If and when I surf - I multitask and have at least 5 or 6 tabs open at once, so when they all have sound its bad - of course you can turn the speakers off though.

    I guess what I'll take from everyones much appreciated advice is - use the video on my site and not in the TE's.

    I have no idea about video really and have never used it to promote. I couldnt tell you if the player is in the code or whether it just comes up on my media player - I just know it plays! So yeap - total video know nothing! - dont even like youtube! got better things to do!

    But I was given the opportunity to use this video and package for free from a fellow warrior and was just wondering how to best adapt it to what Im doing.

    So.........great advice guys - thanks so much!
    I'll attack it on a couple of fronts and see what happens!
    The stats will show - I just want to get it all right for the launch of my new site!

    Thanks again

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