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Hi Warriors,

I'm soon going to go live with an Internet technology start-up that will provide a free Web 2.0-type audio communications tool for websites and blogs. It's something that we hope will appeal to everyone from occasional bloggers who blog for fun to big, high-traffic commercial sites. Unfortunately, I can't say what it is just yet because we're still working out some contractual details.

But I'm starting to think about the marketing side of things, and I'm going to want to get the word out to media websites and small/independent blogs that target the webmaster/blogging community. I'm aware of TechCrunch, Mashable and ReadWriteWeb, to name three of what I understand are the media bigger sites. I'm wondering what experiences and results, good and bad, people have had getting their stories picked up by these sites, and also what other sites/bloggers should I have on my contact list.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me.

Kind regards,

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    Some simple searching on Google should find you most of what you want as far as Bloggers, local papers, radios etc. goes.

    You could check out places like Twitterholic: Who are these people? to see whether there are some relevant prolific twitter users too, and the same goes for YouTube users etc. too.

    Just get creative and do a little searching and you should be fine.
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      Hi Andyhenry,

      Thanks for your response. I've been searching around and getting some good info on sites to approach, but I'm still interested in hearing from people who have had experience promoting their Internet startups to online media sites/blogs. Just looking for suggestions, such as dos and don'ts, for getting the best results. Any in-put would be appreciated.

      Kind regards,


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