What Are Your Goals

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Hey guys,
I'm interested in the goals people want to achieve with their IM ventures. It it financial independence. Or have you already achieve this, if so what's your next goal? The thing with goals it's better to have them written down as it's then a physical reminder. i'll start:

i with most people wish to reach financial independence with IM. But that is a longer term goal. The goal i am really aiming for is to reach a consistent $160AU a week as this will give me one 1 hour flying lesson per week. i want my pilots license. I am probably 3/4 to reaching this goal. Making $160AU in a week is something i have already done, but not consistently.

It would be good if people who posted their goals updated this post when they reach their goals. i will.

Thanks Maverick
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    I wanted to create a membersite that can allow members to make money as well. If they make money then they will renew as member! Sound simple but have a tough road ahead!
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      my goal is to quit my day job and to have enough
      money to pay for my mortgage.
      I need help!!!!!!
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    To be DEBT FREE by April 2009. I really think I am going to make it.
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      My Goal would be to achieve Financial Freedom on IM.

      I Desire to have a good home ,good car ,all paid off and a good bank balance for the future.

      I am on the way of attaining my goals.Working hard day and night and i m committed to my self.

      Thats why we all warriors are here in this Warrior forum to make our warrior community know that this TEAM WORK is to make OUR DREAM WORK.................Financial Freedom.

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