What is wrong with PayPal???

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Am I the only person in the virtual universe who finds that Paypal links from certain well-known Internet Marketers NEVER work??? (ie. they time out continuously).

It is so frustrating!!!

Mind you, having said that, I can't even log into my own Paypal sometimes from Paypal's own "log-in" links!

What's with that???

Is there a Computer setting I need to adjust to allow Paypal links to work without problems? I am sick and tired of it. Other times, I can link through to Paypal without any problems whatsoever.

The only Internet Marketer that I "never" seem to be able to purchase from his Paypal links is Kevin Riley. And that's a damn shame coz Kev's stuff is very VERY good.

Anyway, your thoughts, advice and/or similar experiences and solutions are all welcome

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