funky irritating Vista dialogs - anyone seen anything like this?

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My Windows Vista computer has begun acting up on me.

My data is securely backed up with Mozy, so I think I'm OK
in that department. And I've been reluctant to wipe my hard
drive because that would mean reinstalling all my
software. I recently found out about Ghost, but I think
it's too late for that.

The problem is that all of my MS Office applications crash
when I do a File Open or a File Save As operation. I get
a strange looking dialog (I can show you if you think it
would be helpful) which shows the columns all scrunched
together and no ability to change the column widths. And
within 20 seconds of the dialog being open, the Office
application crashes.

The same problem happens with Open Office and a handful
of other software created by different folks.

Most of my other apps swim along just fine.

Any idea (a) what might be causing this problem and
more importantly (b) what to do about it?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Bal,

    I'd guess that your system is full of viruses/trojans/spyware.

    I just did a clean out of my brothers computer not long ago.

    Here's what I'd suggest:

    Download these programs:

    Adaware -
    Windows Defender (though I think this may already be installed on Vista)
    AVG Free

    Disconnect your computer form the internet (pull the modem out). Reboot it, then run Windows Defender, then AVG, then Adaware, doing a full system scan for each.

    Depending how much stuff you have on your system, this could take a few hours.

    This will probably catch a lot of little apps that are running in the background and making your system unstable.

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    No worries Bal!

    This is the most common reason for Windows slow downs and crashes - dodgy stuff running in the background.

    I hope this helps sort things out!


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