Need Help In Locating a Software/scrpt Product

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I was out surfing the PLR websites and membership sites that have software and I ran across a product and I should have bookmarked the page. It has to do with setting up a catalog script to add products to your webpage. Each product has it's own small box to put the product photo, product description and a PayPal button for purchase.

If anyone has an idea who has this piece of software, I would appreciate a PM back.
It's not a shopping cart program, but a cataloger type system.
I couldn't find the site after searching for a couple of hours.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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    well you can use " ejunkie" for this , if you want to add cart and get paypal or check out options for payment. that is highly recomended.

    If you are using joomla , search various ecommerce components they are easily available at Joomla!

    same goes for Wordpress check out WordPress › Blog Tool and Weblog Platform

    Hope this will help, or be bit more specific which sort of website you have and what sort of addon you require ... perhaps I could give you more specific suggetion... and yes OS Commerce though its old but still works for many ... does the job .. do check that out too ..


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