Is is worthwhile submitting to other article directories? as i only use "GO"?

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the music site is disallowed from ezine so have no choice but to use Go Articles, but have been told to submit to other directories not just "go" to see a difference.

so can i ask does everyvody submit to loads of different directories? or just main ones? & if yes which are the main best ones that you submit to other than go & ezine?

do you see a big difference by doing this? are they free? is it time consuming or worthwhile?
important: do i re-write every time i submit to a directory or sumit same article? because if i sumit to about 20 directories then i have to re-write 20 x?
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    Yeah, it's best that you can submit to multiple article directories to increase your exposure.

    Best that you can submit to article directories with high traffic ranking.

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      ok thanks, but which article directories have high traffic ranking?
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    I normally use - Its a paid service but it saves you LOADS of time that you can use for better things.
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      yes paid is good & saves time, but at the moment we want to try the free ones, any idea of really good ones?

      & would we have to re-write the article?
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    My list of common and effective article directories:

    I found these article directories are Google favorites, many of my article rank well...anyone has any similar experience?
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      ok but are these are the best article directory sites? when we submit to these do i submit original article or re-write it?
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    yes its really ok to submit to a lot of article directories, the more the better... and it would also be better if you choose some of the higher rank directories...

    i suggest to use squidoo and, that would really help a lot
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    If you rewrite your article, search engine will consider this a new link.

    I suspect they "know" we spinned articles for backlinks, they will discount your link. To avoid such happen, rewrite your article, especially your anchor text!

    Let's say you are targeting "Samsung HDTV xxxx", you might put "Samsung HDTV xxx 1080p", "Samsung HDTV xxx DPI", "Samsung HDTV xxx 65"...

    Just make it difference, may be for 3 articles you have a different keywords. and don't forget to use your website url as well, search engine don't like website with too many anchor text!
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      sorry i just dont understand this so the article directories that i submit too, if theres 5 directories i have to re-write the same article 5 times? just so it can recognised by google? is this truuuuuuuue?
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    Nope, you can just submit them with the same article.

    I did send many articles using Article Post Robot, a desktop software with hundreds of article directories, and each article, I don't bother to spin it!

    My article has good onpage optimization, and at the first week I submitted, I have multiple listing in Google, meaning the same article, with only different title (some are the exact), Google seems to let few of them through the first page, and only the directories I posted earlier shows, other lower page rank directories does not show.

    but 1 week later, some of the page start to drop, and eventually only 1 article remains. What do you think Google did? filter the rest!

    So if you want to submit your article, submit to the top article directories to tap into Google traffic. Use bookmarking or social page to link back the article to make it stay and push up the position.

    Why do I still send to hundreds of other directories ? because they still get me some traffic! May be someone visit the low page rank directory and click through? You want your article to expose to as many places as possible!

    If you rewrite your article and send them to all the top ranking directory I mention before, you can get multiple listing. However, you still need to do some back links to those pages.

    We spin article to have multiple listing, because now Google will maximum show 2 entries for each domain, if your article are spinned on multiple directories, you get more listing, dominating Google on that keyword!!

    Still many to talk about article marketing. Try to search this forum for BUM marketing, you can learn more!
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      ok so i should do this:

      1) write an article & submit to go
      2) re-write the article & submit to articles directories


      1) write an article & submit to go
      2) change title & submit to directory
      3)change the title again & submit to another directory & so on?

      1)write article submit to go
      2)submit same article to all other direcotries & dont change?
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    I recommend you to do the easy part first:

    Write 1 article, with proper optimized keyword.

    BUM Marketing 101 - This is what I know I do:
    Put your keyword on the title, if keyword is only 2 words, repeat it again.
    example Play Golf - 10 Solid Tips to Help you Play Golf. <== This is bad copy writing, but demonstrate how you can repeat the keyword.

    First paragraph also put the keyword, if you know LSI theme keyword, use synonym of the keyword.

    Middle paragraph repeat the keyword again.

    Summary / last paragraph also the keyword again.

    I learn this from using content composer, nice tool to guide you on article optimization.

    Now try to submit this article without any changes to all directories, use isnare, article marketer (lots of bad comment on this forum) or like me using Article Post Robot. Or just submit it manually.

    Let it all approved and include in the directory, see what happens...

    Use SEO software or Google yourself to find your article on which page.

    Normally, if the keyword you search is less than 5000 pages on exact match of Google, you should see your article on page 1.

    Else you need to more back links to the article.

    Do this for one of your article and use another article to try this:

    Spin the title, the content but still remain the on page optimization that I wrote above.

    Now also send to the directories, if your search phrase is less than 5000 exact match, you can expect few listing on the page 1 of Google.

    Anyone has similar experience please share...
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      im not sure of im understand properly!

      option 1 - are you saying write an article that is keyword rich in title & use the keyword in body then submit this to "go" & submit the same article other article directories.

      option 2 - if keyword isnt picked up by google on the 1st page search results then rewrite and re-submit?

      is that correct?
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    What I mean is, you try both options, get some experience is easier than say which method is good...

    It all depends on your niche and both works! Just differently, if you spend too much time rewriting, why not write more articles and then all submit to hundreds or thousands of sites?

    On the other hand, rewriting might give good result if the particular keyword bring in many traffic! so it all depends, try both method on different keyword, get more experience, no 1 formula can last for all situation...
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      but you said that only two entries are allowed by google for one domain so why should i re-write? as we dont get multiple listing then do we?

      im a bit confused.

      so is this correct then:
      1)write keyword rich article submit to "go"
      2)submit SAME article to other directories

      & do this daily but for a idfferent article & son on...would this be ok? would i then only get one listing in google? so would submission to other directories then be worth it?

      do people actually re-write or spin about 10 articles a day? is that possible?
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    Right, just do it. To your success too!!!!
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    just do it. You will be success, posting more question on this topic will delay your success because I use to do that! Fastest way is do it, test it yourself...

    To your success.....!
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    Last note: don't expect 1 or 2 articles will bring in a lot of traffic, not at start!

    Write 20 to 100 articles and cover all the keywords in your research, test to see which keyword converts well, then write highly optimize article to tap into that keyword again!

    Ask around, only very experience article marketer can use 1 article to tap into 100,000 visitors...! try put as many article as possible.

    Set a target of 100 articles for your niche, write them and submit to or, forget about others, focus on 1 directory and write more articles.....!

    You will start to see traffic comming in - Targeted traffic!

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