Who will be the first warrior to reach 10,000 posts?

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Based on the statistics, the top 3 warriors are:
Steven Wagenheim
Kay King

All over 9,000 posts.

So, who will be hitting 10,000 posts? Any prize for the 10,000 posts winner?
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  • Profile picture of the author Lance K
    Is there any doubt?
  • Profile picture of the author John Taylor
    I'm far too busy to get to 10,000 before anyone
    else, at my current rate it will take me another
    2 years!

    Anyway, I've heard that when you get to 9999 your
    username changes to n/a


    • Profile picture of the author Alan Petersen
      I'm looking forward to Steve's 10K post. He always has a great content-rich juicy post for those milestones. Watcha got cookin for the 10K post?
  • Profile picture of the author valerieSONORA
    That's obvious. In the OT I tried to get Kay King on a posting spree to reclaim her top poster position but I couldn't compel her to do so Now I'm afraid she's beyond catching up

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