"I'm hiring you," & "Top 10 Affiliate Tips," type BOGUS subjects

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I urge others to do as I've done and let ezine publishers know some subjects just aren't making it any longer. Deceit is out big time.

If you have a subject, write it out or don't send out your junk.

Lately, I have received a couple starting with, "I’m hiring you...." and then go off about some product you'll make money off me or something. Ditto with "Top 10 Affiliate Tips," and I click on and get 10 ways on how to save money on groceries and other crap, so I can stick with affiliate marketing during the tough times or other nonsense.

Come on folks. These are from seasoned marketers.

What’s the subject of what you are sending? No hype and crap to get clicks, because the next click is Unsubscribe and vents – like this one.


And don't tell me you're hiring, when I cancel and tell you this is crap. Who isn't hiring here?
Whos isn't trying to save money, too? Who isn't surfing the web?

Are those subject lines? NOOOO

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    Thank you!

    And another one that I've been getting lately is "$998,239,886,210 in 30 days!!!! How he did it - and you can too!" Ugh. Even if the product is a good one, I guess I'm extremely turned off to the hype these days.

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      I agree with you...I find that few things will light up your unsubscribes like hypey and deceitful emails.

      I mean it's short sighted. For example...say you're stretching and trying to get more open rates. You send out an email and you double your open rate. But then, your list loses 5% of its subscribers. Was it worth it? I seriously doubt it.

      Honesty and reputation are WAY more valuable in the long run than BS and quick money.

      Thanks for addressing that on this forum!


      Brad Spencer
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    I just sent you an email with subject "You're Fired!"

    How dare you
    come on this forum and make sense?!?!

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    This is so true...

    Then you opt-in, get on their conference call because they promise you to show you a "system", end up being nothing but an extended sales pitch for another paid program. He just wasted 60 min of your time.

    I'll hit unsubscribe, delete, and clear trash bin.
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    SOOOOOOOOO glad others agree here.

    And gosh, tecHead, I need to point your kittie there at my in-box
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      You are so right! I used to be more accepting and would give people a chance by opening their emails and at least checking out what they had to say. But lately I'm so fed up with all of the fake and hype in the emails I'm receiving from everybody--gurus and non-gurus alike. I hardly open any of them unless the person is someone whose opinion I truly respect.

      If these list owners only realized that those subjects will never get me to open their emails. I don't even want to take the time to open them and unsubscribe. I just hit "Delete."

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      Originally Posted by dbarnum View Post

      SOOOOOOOOO glad others agree here.

      And gosh, tecHead, I need to point your kittie there at my in-box
      Hey, hey now! Kittie is expensive. She's charging me 150 kibble an hour.

      the freakin' feline!
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    Its because we all push the line "make a list and you will make a gazillion dollars". so people built up the list and bombard with offers to get there gazillion dollars

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