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Most of the WSO's, along with other IM items available on the internet, usually offer some kind of money-back guarantee.

I was just curious to see how many of us actually take the marketers up on these offers, or if we just don't bother to request it.

Most of the reports, courses, etc., that I've purchased have been highly beneficial to me, and I've never needed to request a refund. A couple of other reports I've gotten were not as useful to me, and after reading them, I decided not to act upon them. Technically, since most of the guarantees are "unconditional", I could have asked for a refund. But I didn't.

How many of you did?
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    I asked for a refund once, from a non-WSO product. I didn't get it because the guy asked me to send the ebook back. I couldn't comprehend his "stupidity" because if I sent back a copy of the ebook, it would still be on my computer. Turns out, he was the smart one. []

    I don't think I've ever asked for a refund on a WSO. Sometimes I'm disappointed with the quality, but there's usually a small nugget of info that I hadn't thought about, so I don't ask for the refund, since it was cheap to begin with. Recently, I almost asked for a refund because when I got the product, it was a technique that I don't think I'll ever use. But then I decided not to because I thought that perhaps I didn't read the ad carefully enough.

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      I asked for a refund for an item that was recommended here on the forum.
      The seller had a "double money back guarantee".
      He never refunded the money nor even contacted me to find out why I was unhappy.
      I have emailed him at least 4 times at 2 different email addresses,and PMed him here on the forum. No response.

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