Separating emotions from business.

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Does anyone have the HUGE vice of letting their emotions tie into their business? For instance, when business is great you feel great and when business is bad you feel bad? I'm trying to break out of this and I know it's possible but I don't know how to do it. Anyone else have this issue?
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    I really need to hear this BS right now!!! (j/k)

    I think this is very important. We have to look at things logically, and try to bring about the best result. If we get angry at our customers or employees, it can make matters far worse.

    Rather than think in terms of good or bad, I like to try to separate myself from judgment about how good or bad the day is now, and simply focus on how I can best use my time right now.
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    I know what you mean, I've always been a fare weather person. When the sun and blue sky is out I am at my best but when the clouds come
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      Sometimes I control it but just saying "it comes with the territory" (when something is bad) and ignoring it but other times it just seems to all come at once and I'm like WTF!
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    I worked in a family owned restaurant for 16 months and it was crazy seeing the mood of the owner from week to week, depending on how his three restaurants were doing. He did always seem to put on a big smile for the customers, though, however bad his problems were bugging him.
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    I'm learning over the years that there is simply no point or benefit to getting down over something that looks "bad". It's just something that's happening and the quickest resolution seems to be found when I am able to stay positive and focused on solutions rather than the "WFT" aspect.

    Some days, that's easier to do than others!
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      I feel like the most successful guys in any business are the ones who really clearly and definitively separate these two things the MOST. At least from what I have seen. I guess the best way to do it is to feel confident in secure in your normal life, aside from money and business, since those things can never be taken from you. Probably learning to appreciate what you have even after your money is gone. That's a really tall order though.

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