Does anyone remember THIS?

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Ah, the memories. I used to see these commercials all the time when I was young. I even attended one of his seminars! This stuff is classic, man...

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    Aaargh! I though I had seen the last of Tom Vu. Isn't he hanging out with Don Lapre these days?
    ::: shudder :::
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    Nope, you can see him on ESPN playing poker in the WSOP.
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    isn't he a gambler now? Or has he moved on to another gig?
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    "You wanna be like me - rich with big car and lots of women?"

    How awesome! Thanks dude!

    Here's the the real joke -- he now makes money as a tournament poker player in Vegas and won $1,300,000 in 2008 (wiki)

  • Profile picture of the author Steven Carl Kelly
    I'm a poker player myself, for nearly 20 years. Tom Vu (or Tommy as he goes by now) is a pretty accomplished poker player.

    I look back fondly on those commercials. Don LaPre was just an annoying idiot ("My system shows you how to make money...RIGHT on the internet!"), but there was something endearing about Tom Vu.

    I guess I now know why my Web site didn't make any money way back in the Don LaPre days... my Web site was right OFF the internet. I should have gotten one of those fancy Web sites that are right ON the internet, like Don's.

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