Gmail Marking Everything as Spam

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I just found something crazy out. I decided to check my Gmail spam folder because I didn't receive an email that I was expecting.

Turns out there was a ton of emails in that folder of things I had subscribed to. And the email I was looking for was in there as well and that was personal communication from one gmail email address to another.

Two of my own email broadcasts to my lists where also in my Gmail Spam folder.

I've checked my Gmail spam folder many times but I'd say it had at least ten times more incorrectly labeled spam than normal. I was able to mark as not spam 93 emails.

This trend seemed to have started for me on or around September 22. After that most of what was in the Spam folder really was spam.

So if you have a Gmail account I suggest you check it for you might be missing a lot of emails. Someone needs to tell them that they're really screwing up.

Basically all of the Internet Marketers emails are now just going directly to Gmail's spam folder. Anyone else having this experience? If it continues I'll have to find an alternative email solution.

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager
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  • Profile picture of the author KenLittle
    Interesting post as I am having the opposite experience in recent days. More spam is getting through the filter on Gmail and into my inbox.
    I trust Gmail will get the situation under control.

    What I've done in the past when spam gets through is select the item and
    "Report as Spam"
    Hope that helps.

    Success Belongs To You
  • Profile picture of the author Lloyd Buchinski
    I check my spam every day, right after I check my inbox. I did have
    maybe 4 or 5 good emails that wound up in the spam over the last
    year or 2. One of them was important, so now I look at the spam
    every day and then delete it. It still helps to have a spam box though,
    because they are usually right, and you can just select all and then
    • Profile picture of the author Kerry Finch
      I have only ever had one important email go through to spam in my gmail account, and it was from my lawyer. That taught me to quickly scan the spam folder immediately I check my emails, and trash them once I've confirmed they are spam.

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