Anyone ever sold a free blog?

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Ok, I've been screwing around with niche marketing using free blogs and video techniques to test out some techniques, tactics and strategies that I've learned from various posts and offers right here on this forum.

I didn't get domain names for these niches because I was just testing out theories and such...

But I've gotten A lot of views of these videos and some excellent search engine placement results.

That being said.. is there a market for all this content? Even though the blogs are free and the videos are on Youtube?
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    Thanks bro. I'm still reading now. Can't wait to see what the outcome is. I didn't think it made any sense to buy the domain name and move all the content to it and try to sell that with no traffic and no kind of statistics to show, but I'll finish TommyGadgets thread and if it worked for him, I guess I'll try it too.

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    No, I've never sold a free blog. But my friend sold an undeveloped domain name for $3.2 million. Does that count?
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    LOL... I finished the thread. That was an awesome thread to read. Lots of inspiration. I've been doing a lot of video articles and converting PLR to video.... thinking these might be good types of sites to do this with. Easy enough to do in a day...

    Maybe tomorrow I'll set the same type of challenge. Gonna sleep on it.


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