A picture speaks a thousand words

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Okso who has noticed what a different a pic makes for an avatar? It's a good lesson for those woh wonder about the power of the visual for clients and customers.

I think it's changed some of the ways we interact with each other- and makes people connect more - which is good to adopt in niches where connection is a large part of your marketing plan

Don't ya think?

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  • Profile picture of the author Easy Cash
    For sure - it has made a big difference.

    You can link it in to what people are actually saying and it is easy to grasp someone's personality from have the picture and the words together.
  • Profile picture of the author Steven Carl Kelly
    I don't use them, nor do I pay any attention to them. If the forum that I'm in allows the users to hide the avatars and sig lines, I choose that option and turn them all off.
  • Profile picture of the author valerieSONORA
    It's good unless someone is scary looking. :p
  • Profile picture of the author Willie Crawford
    I think that it makes a huge difference on forums and social
    networking sites.

    If I'm considering buying from someone, joint venturing
    with them, or even just helping them with a promotion,
    I do click on their profile, visit their site, and try to
    ascertain who I am dealing with.

    A forum like this has too many trolls, who enjoy wasting
    your time and energy, for you not to know who you're
    talking to. Lots of posts are made just to get a reaction,
    and for other less-obvious reasons.

    I view the interactions here the same as I do those at my
    local chamber of commerce meetings, and I'd never waste
    time hanging out at a business meeting with someone who
    hid their face or wouldn't even tell you their name or show
    you their place of business.

    Just me though.

    • Profile picture of the author NeelsTheron
      Phew! Just in time! I added my own pic for the first time about 30 minutes before I saw this post...

      (annoyedgirl: hopefully not too "scary looking"...)
  • Profile picture of the author aggzzu
    A poster with an avatar looks much more legit. I'm sure that posts wth people using avatar are read more than other..

    Hmm.. maybe I should add one for me on WF..

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