How do I get my Ezinearticles to always rank on page 1 of Google?

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How does Google deteremine if your Ezinearticle will rank on the first page for your keyword phrase? Is it the title of the article, age of domain and/or article, competition of the sites on first page, pageviews on ezinearticles, etc. I can submit one article on one topic and it can be on page 1 in like a day while another article can be on page 5 after like 3 months. Sometimes I will have an article stuck on page 2 of Google and won't move forward to page 1. And then other times not one of my articles show up in Google for that keyword in like the first 20 pages even with good titles? Is there anything I can optimize to get ezinearticles ranking on the first page for it's keyword phrase every time? I've tried to determine what factors it could be, but I've come to a conclusion that there is not one factor. I've seen articles on Ezine get like 10K views in month, but when you do a search for that keyword in Google, that article is back on page 7 while another article that got 1/5 of pageviews is on page 1.

Why is that for some 3 word keyphrases there are no ezinearticles in first 10 pages in Google, but there are many articles listed in Ezinearticles for that niche?
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    ezinearticles doesn't determine whether your article will rank well in google though.

    google's ranking depends on other factors like pagerank, inbound links, etc. A good way is have a lot of inbound links to your ezinearticle that you created.
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      What Zijian said.

      Also, if you notice usually if you type your 4 or 5 word headline into google, it will show up #1 immediately. Remember this when you create your headline, if it is competitive it wont show up #1 right away but it will be closer than if your headline is basackwards.
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    Heres a trick

    write one really good article on ezine then write 5-10 articles to link to your good article if its a really good article create blogs to link to your article with links back to your blog.
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    You might try creating multiple back links from digg and
    reedit etc
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      One tip I have used is to check if there is a squidoo lens that is
      ranking among the first ten or twenty listings for a particular
      keyword phrase. Then you know that your article has a chance to
      get in as well, especially if you add some backlinks. This can
      also be used the other way round: check if there is an ezine
      article listed, to determine if a new Squidoo lens has a chance of

      Another idea is to check the pagerank of the first ten websites
      listed for a keyword phrase. If they are all PR4 or above, it may
      be tough to compete without building lots of backlinks.

      Some of the Ezine veterans say that they use Yahoo answers to
      boost their Ezine articles and get more traffic. Also remember
      that you can ping your Ezine RSS feed and add it to your Yahoo
      page, etc. This can help a lot to give you more exposure.

      In the end there are so many factors that play a role, both on
      page and off page. You can never know for sure if your article
      will get a shot at a top 10 listing. That is Google's domain.
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    build links to the articles themselves.
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    It depends on a lot of things. Some of the main factors are:

    1. Competition for the keyword
    You cannot rank first for a keyword which has sites like Wikipedia, amazon etc on the first page. If you choose a keyword, do a search in google to find the top 10 sites that comes in the results. Take down their page rank and see if they have not more than PR 5. If there is a site with PR 5, then your article will need to have a good SEO done.

    2. All Keywords in title
    You need to have all your keywords in your title to do well in the search engine if there are high PR sites in the first page.

    3. Keywords in the opening
    Have keywords in the opening of the paragraph. It will help you a lot in ranking. Have it in the middle and once at the end.

    4. Backlinks
    If the site that ranks first for your keyword is of high PR, then you need to get backlinks with anchor text being your keyword. But don't do it a lot. If your article is getting linked to the same keyword from all the sites, google MIGHT consider it as spam (not sure of this though but this is what I have learned).

    One Extra Tip: If you can add your keyword two times in the heading, it will do a lot better. Say if you are targeting the keyword "Running and weight loss", you can have a title saying "Running and weight loss: How running can help you in weight loss"

    If you follow all these tips, you should be ranking in the first page of Google most of the times and even as the first result.
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    This reminds me of the old joke...
    Q -"How do I get to Carnegie Hall?"
    A - "Lots of Hard Work"

    I find that having links to the author's page and choosing great long tail keyword phrases helps to get the articles to the top of the Google heap.

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    Ezine is an authority site, so it'll rank high. I haven't seen any #1 rankings though. I've seen plenty of 4 or 5 placements for longtail keywords though.
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      I've been looking at ezinearticles and it appears that there is no pattern that you can easily spot - it really is a bit of a lottery. That's why there are people submitting 10 articles at once, because they know that out of all of those maybe one will be a hit.

      I'm currently being out ranked with an optimized blog by a bunch of article sites that don't even have my full keyword phrase in the proper order in the title!
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      Originally Posted by SimonRiver View Post

      Ezine is an authority site, so it'll rank high. I haven't seen any #1 rankings though. I've seen plenty of 4 or 5 placements for longtail keywords though.

      There's tons of ezine articles at number 1.

      In fact just doing some research I found one keyword that had 3 ezine articles at 1, 2 and 3.

      Now imagine if you had a good relevant blog with some back links and better on page SEO. Seeing lots of article directory sites at the top of google normally means with a good authority site, you should be able to outrank or at least get on the same page.
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    lol Al. Thinking along the same lines huh!
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    Build links to those Ezine Articles. You can do it through your own web properties or blogs.
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    Threads asking how to do Article Marketing come up quite often here - so I have a standard reply - I hope this helps:

    Two brilliant threads to read about article marketing are these:

    Read them both - all the way through - and take notes.

    For further information I recommend the following directory - It is education in article marketing - a guide book and monthly newsletters - with a directory thrown in! You can read what Warriors think about it here:

    Article Directory - Article Marketing Community

    I can also recommend the WSO's from this guy:

    View Profile: Zeus66

    This guy also has some good stuff - some article marketing some on other things

    View Profile: Steven Wagenheim

    Hope this helps.
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      There are several things you need to consider:

      Do any Ezine Articles rank on Google page 1 for your niche or related keywords? If not, you want to see whether there are other sites that are better (like YahooAsk,, Squidoo, YouTube, GoogleVideo, Metacafe, etc - see which site ranks highest and whether you can add to it).

      If there are EZA articles ranking well, you follow these steps:
      • Submit a REALLY GOOD article (if you want to be on page 1, you better make sure you have a good article that gets you a high CTR)
      • start promoting your article with Twitter and other web 2.0 sites (Some social bookmarking sites, like don't accept submissions for EZA because they consider it spammy, but you can definitely use propeller, reddit and squidoo.
      • Link to your article from other articles and blog posts (you're essentially creating a linkwheel).
      • See the traffic rolling in and make sure you've got a great offer to convert all those visitors or at least capture their email address.
      Let us know how you go.
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    There really is no "guaranteed" way to get your article on the first page of google each time. However, here are a few things that you can do to give yourself a much better chance.

    1. Make sure you check the "exact competition" of a keyword. Go to the Google adwords keyword tool to do this. Sometimes a broad phrase term may have 20,000 results in Google, but the exact match might only have 500. Check this before wasting your time writing an article.

    2. Secondly, do not even worry about putting a keyword phrase "in quotes." A lot of the people who are saying this are simply reiterating what others have done. I am not saying that this method never works, but for the particular niches that I am involved with I can tell you that it makes little difference. I have an article ranked on the first page of google for over a million results, and another article that is not ranked on the first page with only 10,000 competing pages. The strength of the first ten pages is what matters, because it reality that is your only competition anyways!

    3. Build backlinks to your articles. You should build these links from a variety of sources. You want some high PR profile links, some blog comments, other articles, and things of that nature. This is very important, because the more you diversify the backlinks the more natural the link building will seem to the Google bots.

    These are just a few tips that I have used personally to make sure that my articles rank highly on the first page of Google, so give them a try and you will see success!
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    Fact is the one with the most backlinks will rank #1 ... Has nothing to do with age, popularity, authority, pr, or none of that junk. Backlinks are what matters, some may require many backlinks while others only require a few. Depends upon the competition.

    Many articles will rank good on their own on many article directories and not just EZA but fact remains to keep that ranking it will require backlinks. Unless of course you have no competition to worry about..

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    you determine whether or not your article ranks well on google.

    Build lots of backlinks to each of your articles and then they WILL be in the search engines exactly where you want them.

    If you are not experienced with this then hire someone to do it for you for 3 dollars an hour you will get a lot for your money.

    kind regards


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