Ebooks and articles - Single spacing or double spacing after fullstop (period) ?

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Quick question, after the end of a sentence should I use a double space or single space?

At the moment I use single spaces everywhere, but am thinking about moving to a double space on my pdf ebook.

What do you use?
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    Single space is the standard across all media.
    Line spacing is where you really need to be concerned.
    Computer screens can take their toll on the eyes, so it's best to use a larger font & greater line spacing than print media, makes it easier and faster to read for your customer.

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      I always use a single space between commas and periods. However, it is best to make two "returns" between paragraphs, so that you get a good line break between paragraphs. This helps to rest the eyes of the reader on the computer screen.
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    The norm here in the forum seems to be to hit return twice after a period.

    Like that, right?

    I did space twice after periods for hundreds of years until I noticed it didn't make any difference on an html sheet. The web page just shows a single space. Also the WF did the same thing with double spaces last time I checked (years ago). I don't know if pdfs also rub out the second space and you probably do, but just thought I'd mention it in case that was worth checking.
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      It really doesn't matter as long as you do the same thing throughout the document. I was trained to do two spaces after a period or other ending punctuation and I can't seem to break the habit. On the web, it is now acceptable to only put one space but the two spaces are still acceptable, as well.

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    I was also taught to put 2 spaces after ending punctuation, but more and more, I am seeing people using only 1 space. I think that Tina is right - consistency is the key.
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    It should be 1 space. Yes, I know we were taught to do 2 space especially when typing a letter or document. However, book publishers use 1 space and the same is true for most writers online.

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