What's the best starting point for finding niches?

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If you were a new IM'er where would you start looking for new niches (sub-niches) to build web sites (to promote affiliate products)? I've considered browsing CB and doing keyword analysis from there. Is that a good start or do you recommend something else??
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    use your imagination. start with broad keyword terms like magic or birds

    then do your keyword search to narrow it down into a more targeted niche like bird houses or card tricks.
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    I like going to Amazon and looking through the magazine section. Look for niches that have several magazines dedicated to it.

    Rob Whisonant
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      As stated above, Amazon magazine section, Ebay pulse, and start plugging keywords in one of the free keyword tools mentioned above. Dig further with the keyword tool until you find something that has enough searches to make it worthwhile. Check article directories and see if there are people writing articles about it? Is there a lot of popularity?

      What are the hot sellers in Ebay, Amazon... You get the idea...
      Good luck..


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