Do you plan out your sites or wing it as you go?

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Hey Warriors,

I'm curious to know if you plan out your sites step-by-step what your next product or website will be?

I'm more of a "get an idea and run with it" kinda guy...

I know it's wiser to plan everything out methodically but I'm too lazy. I focus really hard on the products and basic marketing but when it comes to planning out all the little details I make it up and wing it as I go.

It's probably more profitable if I plot out you plan of attack well and analyze every angle before you build anything but it seems like I'm doing well with my system why change?

Your thoughts are appreciated,
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    I think if you build something that is 20%-30% not planned then that would be considered partially winging it. You're right I should have added one for in between.

    Guys like John Reese have 'war rooms' where they plot out everything first. When I personally start out on a new project I tend to have about 70% of the concept and idea already planned out in my head ahead of time.
    It's always those small details that I wing it with.

    Sometimes though, the small details can be huge make-or-break decisions. I've had a few flops in my day to realize the importance of everything being mapped out ahead of time.
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    I detail out every aspect of the site on paper first, then I make detailed descriptions for each function. I then plan the design and layout and build the structure with design. Then I add in the coding..

    Course now I always end up with a larger site with more functions then what I planned for to begin with ..(that's the over-deliver thing you always hear about in IM)

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    This is a good question!
    Everything is on paper, included design and layout..BUT this only for the larger sites. for smaller sites with just one product, It's a design and go for it type of thing. for clients it's papered out and calendared out!
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    I always plan a project as much as I can, but no matter how well you plan something, they always seem to go another direction and turn into a bigger and better idea once it's all said and done
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    I used to wing it, and then ended up pulling down websites left & right after spending hours creating them and then just not caring much for the end result, lol.. These days, I plan (carefully plan) every single thing I do. I don't have time to waste on projects that just don't pan out.

    Besides, I'm getting too old for 15 hour days, so you know, the few hours I can put into it need to count.

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