how do i write an article related to my niche? using keywords???

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someone has said write an article by looking at google keywords search tool & type on your niche like mine would be free music downloads or online dating then then use the highest searched keywords to write your article by using the keyword in the title & few times in the body so all this gives you artcile signifance in google once published.

BUT its not that simple! because keywords for music site = free music downloads, mp3, music downloads, listen to free music etc

The articles i have been writing for the music site are about the pop starts all about latest music news, about britney spears at the mtv awards, michael jackson's relaunch, new song releases, the number 1 singles & none of the article include any information about free mus downloads apart from the bio or resource box, is this correct? or am i literally wasting my time?
dating site keywords = dating, online dating, dating sites, dating agencies, dating singles, speed dating

The articles i have been writing for this on ezine are about "3 best ways to impress your date" " 3 bad things men do on a date" "how to find the man of your dreams" as i saw these type of articles on EZINE under the most VIEWED hence chose these sort of topics,. My question is am i writing the wrong content here? is this too general? should i focus on totally online dating & thats it ? & have this in my title & article body? because writing about online dating can be very limitedm whereas matters of dating & relationships are endless & give more depth. So is this the right way or have i lost it here?
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    Everything you need to know about article marketing
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    If you use current news in your articles they will go out of date very quickly and you won't get long term traffic from them.
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      Originally Posted by kevinw1 View Post

      If you use current news in your articles they will go out of date very quickly and you won't get long term traffic from them.
      It's a valid technique for blogs, though, since it's just link baiting. Get a surge of traffic to a site with a lot of content, you might get some sales and long term readers out of it. They don't build long term value, necessarily, but they're useful.
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    If you have been long enough in your niche, you will be able to write very
    fast. Chances are, most people are not familiar with their niche. Even if they
    do, most people are lazy and they do not like to write articles.

    Here are some tips you can follow while in writing article, the TOTAL formula:

    T - title, attention-grabbing headline

    O - opening paragraph, make it curious and make it interesting so
    that people will continue to read

    T - use tip-style of article. People will prefer to read this kind of
    article than others.

    A - action, you must insert call to action in your article. You have to tell
    your readers what you want them to do.

    L - link, without link, there will be no reason for you to write your article.

    That's all...
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      thank you for your replies,

      but its difficult writing article content for music, because i cannot talk about free music downloads for so long. whereas dating is ok as relationships & dating is a deeper subject.

      but do you think i should write for the music content then? as i cannot talk about free music downloads all the time & the news of course gets out of date, so what shall i do?
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    I understand your initial dilemma, but I think you may be going too literal here...meaning you're just focusing too much about you music download and mp3 keywords....

    Yes of course you want to be including them, but since the music industry is so darn HUGE, I think you have a wealth of info to draw from and just use your keywords to kinda suger-coat and window-dress the rest of your content.

    For example...say your niche was pet collars. Custom collars, collector collars, jewelry collars, etc, etc.and those are your keywords...

    Well like your music download keywords, I too would have trouble writing ONLY about collars article after article....BUT

    What about the creatures that 'wear' the collars??

    Now, you have enough material to last you for years!

    What type of pets suit which type of collars, styles, etc. what breeds are more likely to not take to certain collars as opposed other breeds, etc.

    THEN, there are the owners of such pets, then you can talk about which owners typically buy certain style of collars for their beloved Fluffy or Fido and how certain collars match the pet's AND owner's personalties - eg - jeweled collars are usually associated with the snooty people, the spiked collars are typically matched up with rough leather attired bikers-type personalities (just generalizing of course), but you get the picture.

    So if there can be so much to be written about silly pet collars, I can't imagine that you would run out of stuff in the music industry - just branch out a little,as there's an ocean of material for music and all of it's genres - then just sprinkle it a little with your mp3 and music download keywords.

    I hope my off the wall analogy made sense
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      thanks for that, thats a brilliant example you have just provided and i get it better now for the music site so general music info or anything really as its huge & sprinkle with those keywords.

      but for the dating site it can be tricky too, because its an online dating site & i cant keep talking about online dating so i talk about dating in general so this keyword "dating" will come up pretty often in the content, because online dating talking about this is again limited but talking about going on dates, what to do on a first date is how i have decided to go ahead is this ok?

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