EZA, waiting for approval is like watching paint dry!

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I'm on Tiffany Dow's 30 day challenge, I have 5 articles submitted from 9/24/08.
They are all on the first red bar right now.
Am I doing something wrong, or are they just slow with approvals?
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    They are just slow, when you reach the threash hold
    it becomes a lot faster. Mine get approved within 24 hours now.

    Keep writing while you wait.
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    It's not you. Everyone is having this problem these days.

    They basically are trying to steer everyone to their premium membership service which costs $97 a month, but you get your articles approved very quickly as long as they meet the Ezinearticles terms of service. (As in, just because you have a premium membership wouldn't mean that you could link to an affiliate site or violate any of their other rules).

    I know it sounds really expensive but I get much more traffic from them than from any other article directory. I think it's worth it.
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    Hey, did anyone mention that you should stop watching and write some more? Oh, yeah, looks like everybody gave that advice. LOL 'Tis true.

    I don't know if this will help motivate you or not, but it's what I do. I tend toward a bit of OCD and sometimes it manifests itself in compulsively checking EZA for approvals. So I set a hard-and-fast rule for myself. Every time I check and something new hasn't been approved, I am forced to eat some chocolate. Wait, that's not right.... Oh yeah, I force myself to write another article. Even if I'm in the middle of something else important, the rule is the rule. I must stop immediately and write an article. No exceptions. Try it.

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      I think it's comical, not only are you creating content for EZA that they are using to build their site and business... they have started charging people to create content for them.

      Laughable. Ridiculous. And regardless of the benefits of article submission to EZA, I'd rather burn $100 a month than give it to them.

      Build your own sites guys.

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