Does your freebie help determine your list?

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When offering a freebie to entice people to sign up, does the freebie alter your subscriber base?

Example: if I have a mailing list for work-at-home moms and I offer a freebie of 20 ways to market your home biz for no money vs. 20 ways to market your biz for $50 or less, would that change the compostition of my subscriber base?

Would it help determine if the subscribers were more or less likely to be able or willing to purchase later on? Would it indicate the mindset of the subscribers?:confused::confused:

OR would the nature of the mailing list info (as described in the signup box) help determine the profile of the average subscriber? :confused::confused:

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Shay, for a lot of people, the word free is like catnip to a tabby. Promise them ways to to do something for free that others pay for, and they'll be all over it - and then on to the next freebie fix.

    Back in my mlm days, when we advertised ways to build a business for free, we got big response. Usually followed by 'it's too much work, will you do it for me' whining, followed by 'this thing is a scam' tantrums. Like the Texas folk say, what we got were the 'big hat, no cattle' types.

    When we advertised ways to build a business for a small, steady investment, we got much smaller response. But the quality of that response was much higher. Still a lot of dropouts (that pesky work thing again), but most of the tantrums disappeared.

    My guess is that you might see some of the same behavior...

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