ClickBank Notice to Paretologic Affiliates

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Hey, I'm not sure if this is real but I got it from this email id:

Anybody getting this too? Basically it says..

Dear Paretologic Affiliate,

Effective tomorrow, September 24, 2008, the following accounts will no longer be listed in the ClickBank Marketplace:

  • Paretopc
  • Regcure
  • Xoftspy
  • Xoftspyse
ClickBank will continue to sell these products and you may continue to promote them and earn commissions. To be clear, we are NOT stopping the sale of these products through ClickBank. We are only removing these products from the Marketplace due to Paretologic violating ClickBank?s terms and conditions.

However, if you would prefer to start promoting similar products from other publishers, we encourage you to considering promoting one or more of the following products:
I'm not sure if it's real. But when I did a search at Clickbank, it seems to be true. The link within the mail that display this
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links to

And because I'm promoting this product, I was wondering if it's real.

I tried to check if the page will still load my affiliate id on it but because there's no buy button there but just a download, I'm unable to check unless I download it. Is there a way to check such a clickbank product with no buy button but a trial download button to see if the affiliate id get cookied?

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    This is what I don't get. The product violates Clickbank's TOS but they're
    still going to allow it to be sold.

    To me, this is simply a case of Clickbank not wanting to lose its gravy train.

    This product must be making them a lot of money WITHOUT affiliates
    promoting it and thus, they can't ditch it altogether.

    Makes no sense to me, but heck, what do I know? I'm just a cab driver.

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