Ezine and Basic SEO Question.

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I'm definitely new to internet marketing and article marketing, but have made some money in my niche (about 300-400$). So while I feel inept for the most part, I don't think I'm stupid.. anyways.

My question.

For a keyword , let's say its "acne cure quick". When I initially submitted an article to ezine, it was front page of google, and it made me some money. But after the initial "newness" burst from google, it quickly disappeared whereas I cannot find it on the first 20 pages(or at all for that matter. I stopped looking).

Would it make sense to write more articles pointing that that one ezine article "acne cure quick". I know traditionally you would write articles that link to your squeeze page to improve its pagerank, but I know in this highly highly competitive keyword I'm not going to get that page near the top of google.

I hope my question makes sense..

Ask if it doesnt.

Thanks again.
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    You just need to write more articles. This is very normal.

    Also I'm curious as to how many articles you wrote to produce $300-$400.
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    Every day, there are competitors competing for the same keywords as you, through articles, squidoo lens, hubpages, etc. Therefore, it is not unusual to see your articles drop off from top ranking time to time. For bum marketing, you need to write consistently and try not to depend only on articles to get good ranking.

    THere are other platforms that you need to tap on, such as social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit, Squidoo and Hub pages and other popular article directories such as Buzzle and GoArticles.

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