Analytics...Do you just put it ONLY on index page?

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I have a basic info product website...with
1) index page (squeeze page)
2) sales page
3) download page
4) etc....

If you have a website like mine,
do you just put the GOOGLE ANALYTICS cod in the INDEX page
or ALL the pages in your website?

I am curious....

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    All pages.

    It gives more accurate stats.
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    I put it on all pages, there's a lot of interesting info on how people use your entire site.

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      If you have an area of your site that only existing customers visit, then it can be a good idea to use different tracking code for that area.

      If you don't, it makes it difficult to work out your conversion rate or visitor value because you're counting people that have already bought and therefore won't buy the same product again.

      I could write an ebook on this entire subject!


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    Thanks Warriors!

    1 TINY real QUICK question though...

    For "Conversion Goals and Funnel", if you are using
    Clickbank & DLGUARD & all your products are in same directory like

    do you choose
    1) Exact Match
    2) Head Match
    3) Regular Expression Match

    and where do you put the Download page code IF YOU USE DLGUARD?
    what do you type for the DOWNLOAD PAGE on google analytics because the
    download page html changes all the time???

    I've been trying to figure this out but need some help...

    Thanks Warriors!

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      PM Sam Stephens, the author of DL Guard. He's here on the WF.

      He's in Australia so allow for the time difference.


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    I know Sam told me to put the code in the extra code in dlguard...

    but i still don't know about the head match, exact match, etc...

    and what link to put on the google dl link

    either way, ill try to find out

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