can I have more than one gmail account

by teleam 38 replies
I already have a gmail account and would like to know if I can have more then one gmail account?
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    pretty sure you can.
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    I see nothing in their terms of service - Google Terms of Service - which says you can't. I have multiple accounts myself.

    In addition to having multiple individual accounts, you can use the + trick to have multiple email addresses on one account.

    all go to my main account. Many people use this for giving site-specific emails to registration-based sites, and can easily tell if that email address has been sold or given out. Some sites don't allow a + in an address, so it's not a trick you can use on every site, but most sites allow it.

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      Hey thanks. The reason I ask is that I couldn't find anything in their TOS.

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    I have been using more than 1 for a long time. No problems

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    Joel has a pretty neat trick in Private War Room about this. And yes, you can have more then 1 account
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    I have over 30 GMail accounts, plus a business GMail account that we pay 50 dollars a year for. You won't have any problem.

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    I have numerous gmail accounts and have never had a problem...
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    Yes, I have 5 accounts.
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    Handful of accounts here and never had a problem.
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    I have no problems since I have atleast 2 gmail accounts myself.
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    Count me as a multi-gmail account user too!

    If you want to administer all your personal email, yahoo, msn, gmail, facebook, tweeter etc. accounts I recomend all in one place I can't live without it!
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  • I also have more than one account for over a year and like someone else stated, you can have several different email addresses or forwarded to your main one. and when you send an email there is a pull down menu asking which email address you want your message to come from.
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    I also have more than one account. I don't see anything wrong in it.


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    Originally Posted by teleam View Post

    I already have a gmail account and would like to know if I can have more then one gmail account?
    You can have more than 1 Gmail account, but when opening a Gmail account you are required to verify your account through a text message to your phone. I think the limit is 5 per cell phone number.
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    I have about 20 gmails accounts and never had a problem.
    Most of them I had for years.
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    Yes u can. I have 5 accounts and never had problems
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      Yes, you absolutely can have more than 1 gmail account, I believe I have 5+ at this time.

      Hope this helps
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    I have several gmail accounts.
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    I learned some valuable ideas. Thanks.
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    I like to have different Gmail accounts for various purposes. For example, I assigned one Gmail for Email subscriptions, one for customer support etc.
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    I was about to ask the same question in regards to multiple Gmail accounts, I was also going to ask is there a way of logging in to your main Gmail account and also getting say your sub / other accounts mail i.e.

    Log in to main at gmail. com

    and then you can also see

    main1 at gmail. com
    main2 at gmail. com

    Sorry if I should have posted this as a new question please feel free to move it

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    Yep. I have several. Just keep track of each account and passwords so you'll have that information handy for reference.

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    You certainly can have more than 1 gmail account, I've been using 2 gmail accounts for the past so many months. Just use different browser to login to different gmail accounts.

    Hope this will you help a little.

    God Bless,
    Jeremiah Say
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    Of course you can have. I have 3 gmail account.
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    I have many! And the great thing is, you can be logged into multiple accounts at the same time within the same browser session. Once you've signed up for another account, check out your Gmail's option menu and you'll be able to set it up do allow multiple logins.
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    I have loads of different gmail accounts I sync the most important ones to thunderbird, and keep track of the rest ie usernames and passwords with Lastpass.

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    Hi All

    Thanks for the the prompt replies, how do I add an additional email (g mail) address

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      You simply go to Gmail and sign up for a new account.

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    I just set up three of them and you can even foward one to the other with no problem.

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    You can. I have about 10 of them for different websites.

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    Absolutely, I've been doing it a while with zero issues.
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    I've even noticed that when I sign out of a Gmail acct., it gives me the option to "sign out and sign in as a different user," so that sounds to me like they almost assume you have separate accts.
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    This thread was started in 2009. I think the OP got his answer
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    Most definately you can have more than one. I have 9. Some I give access to my VA, others are just for me.
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