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I have been honestly trying to get people to sign up for my site but I am get NO ONE. Will someone please tell me what to change? ewingbiz is my main site. The thing is that I have gotten about 100 hits in a day but I am getting very little return visitors. Can someone help me? Or give a little advise
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    Well, I read the first paragraph of your first article and telling people that
    they have to work hard for their money is not going to win you many fans.

    If you're going to do that, you need to show some real credibility, such as
    solid income proof like videos of your accounts.

    The IM make money niche is a tough one to crack if you don't have any
    credibility. Think about it. You're telling people it's hard work to make money
    but you're not making any yourself.

    You might want to try giving away a free report and building a list and some
    trust, rather than just try to get visitors to click on all those affiliate links
    you have embedded all over the place.
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    You need to:
    1) Give them a Reason to Subscribe / sign up!
    - Why should they?
    - What do they get if they do? vs. if they don't?

    2) Make the Where/How to Subscribe Much More Prominent/obvious!

    I hope this helps for starters and Have a Great Day!

    - Michael
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    IM tutorials and Water4Gas do not mix. Set up one
    site just for sharing your knowledge about IM and
    another to promote your affiliate offers. Affiliate
    products on this site should relate to IM.

    Your domain name is lacking also. It is not very
    memorable at all.
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      Geeze, I didn't realize my page was that bad. But I thank everyone for the advise. I will start changing the things you are talking about. But I have one question. What could I do to make people WANT to sign up? Like what is an idea for why someone would sign up for a blog.
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    Yeah, water4gas and IM don't go together on the same blog. If you want a blog about water4gas, make a separate one. And I would add a banner with graphics or a picture to make it more visually appealing. That's me, anyway.
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    Make you sign up box the most important part of the site, drawing the most attention. Like Barry said, give them some they would really want if they signed up.

    Also, if your serious about building a last and marketing to it, you should an AR service like Aweber, instead of feedburner.

    As far as the content on have on your site, you might to break it up, the paragraphs are too big and long, most people probably won't read it, or won't want to.
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    Also read the critiques on this thread ... you could learn quite a few lessons there. Oh and notice that Tess is doing well there so again you can learn from that too.


    Good luck Sami

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