What is a PR?

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How do you find your PR? I dont fully understand what it is either.
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    PR is a Puerto Rican


    No PR means Page Rank in the search engines. So if your keyword is "Ebay Marketing" and you Google it, hopfully you the results will pop up with your website in the first 6 results or at least in the first page.

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    The Page Rank of a given Web page is part of Google's method of deciding what is authoritative and what is not. Go here for more info: Corporate Information - Technology Overview

    Here's the free tool I used to use to find Page Rank: Google PageRank Checker - Check Google page rank of any web pages. Now I use the SearchStatus addon for Firefox.
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    PR = Per Rectal Examination

    A doctor puts on a glove and sticks his index finger up into your anus. He then wriggles i around to look for growths that may indicate cancer or otherwise.

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    PR = press release also.
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      It's usually Google Page Rank...basically a ranking Google gives every page it has indexed on the internet telling you how important it thinks that page is.

      The rating is on a scale of 0 to 10...0 being the least important...10 being the most important.

      You can check the Google Page Rank for any page here...
      Check Google Pagerank - Google Page Rank Checker
      (or on any number of other sites).

      Or if you have a Firefox internet browser you can install the Google toolbar which will tell you the page rank of any page you're surfing automatically.

      Generally speaking if a site has a page rank of 4 it's getting a lot of search engine traffic, 5 a ton of search engine traffic, 6 or more...a boatload of search engine traffic.

      Page rank of 8 or more = insane traffic from the search engines!

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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      PR, hmmmmm guessss Personnaly Rude
      Ooppps, sorry just a newbie

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    Thanks , Andrew.

    I understand Page Rank is clearly influenced by the number and quality of backlinks to the page but I'm unclear on one aspect. Does it matter critically if the backlinks with relevant anchor text originate on web or blog pages which are not directly related by theme?

    For example, will Google discredit or devalue backlinks with relevant anchor text pointing to, say, a bodybuilding site even though the links appear on a generic directory website covering various unrelated subjects.


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    To easily view PR, you can get Google Toolbar
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    Can anyone advise if there is any Page Rank benefit from backlinks from mutiple subdomains? Does Google discredit backlinks from subdomains if they are all on the same IP address?

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    The first thing to remember about Page Rank and SEO is that only Google knows for sure how it's algorithm works. Everything you read here and anywhere else is all speculation based on observation (although often very accurate).

    There's no such thing as a bad link. Links absolutely cannot give you a negative score, bad credit or drop you down the SERPs. If this was true everyone would be spamming each others links.

    Links from well linked to authority sites on similar topics to your own are worth a lot more than multiple links across unrelated sites but it can't hurt to have them as well.
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    Remember that PR or page rank is only used by google, other search engines can be sending traffic to a site that doesn't have a page rank, even google itself sends a small amount of traffic that it hasn't ranked.

    There are many ways to build links, yes relevancy matters, but all links can be helpful.
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    I have to agree that there is never going to be such a thing as a "bad link", the simple reason being that you cannot control who links to you, and when. Links coming from sites found guilty of selling links may definitely be devalued, but you'll never actually be penalized for someone linking to you. All this means, is that building up unrelated links is going to be a waste of time, as it should be.

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