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Hey I just recently created an account here. So let me say a belated Hello to everyone. Now on to my question. I just recently got one of my larger sites ready to go live but I ran into a small issue. I had a small section of unused space and decided to add a optional mailing list sign up.

My question is what is the best free or relatively cheap scrip/program to do this. I'm looking for the code or whatever I need to add in that will allow people to enter their emails and build me a list that will allow for automation of mass emails.

Now I know almost everyone on this board uses/does something like this, so I figured after searching through google and not finding a definite answer that it was best to come here.

Again I don't mind if it's not free and I will even follow an affiliate link if the program is worth the price, so don't be afraid. I'm sure you all use probably one main program that is just the best so throw it at me.

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    Hi Scott - I commend you for wanting to build a list of subscribers on your web-site. As they say... "The money is in the list." I don't know of any good programs you can use to upload to your site... and I don't recommend going this route.

    I highly recommend you use an auto-responder/contact program that will give you the most flexibility in both enlisting your high volume of sign-ups and sending out messages. I think the best auto-responder around is Aweber - Prices start at $19/month.

    List building is so critical for your business, I would start it out right by going with the best in the biz. I'm sure you'll have lots of other recommendations, but this is my top pick. You won't be disappointed.

    Good luck Scott!
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    Ok so it looks to me this is what I want. It helps me to create the HTML code which I put on my site and then it takes care of everything else correct? As in adding new signups to some sort of list?
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    when you sign up for a account you get Access to a control panel. this lets you see your stats, send out a e-mail ect
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    Try Frank Bauer's Add2it system, he offers lots of alternatives at cost-effective rates. Best of luck!

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