What software do I need to make a video?

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Hi Guys,

I just recently purchased a camera to make videos, but I also want to include screen shots etc in my video's

Can anyone tell me software needed to do this....the cheaper the better, but also ease of use....and not forgetting quality.

Thanks guys.

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    Hello Graham,

    Have you heard of Camtasia? I'm sure you have.

    This software is the one you need but it is a bit expensive.

    There is also another option that does the same for much cheaper.

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    Greetings from a fellow Englishman.....

    All good advice I think. Many people consider Camtasia to be the best screen capture software there is. It is a great tool and has a lot of tools and functions, but, as tigres409 said it's pretty expensive.

    There is, however, an alternative called "Camstudio", which I have and have found to be a really good tool, it's cheap, and easy to use.


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