How has wordpress changed your LIFE?

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Hey gang,

here's a coool video about how
wordpress changed Glenda's life.

Now what about yours, what have
wordpress the best blogging software
on the planet changed your life?

Let me know what you think...

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    Man what a great video. She certainly has learned to overcome.

    As for me it has only changed my life in the monetary way - as in it makes me a lot of money.

    I continue to recommend it to others as a way to create primary websites because of it's natural traffic generating ability.
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      Wow, that's an incredible story - thanks for sharing. For me it's been useful in terms of monetary gain, but I think I'd probably have done okay with static sites as well. I just prefer it because it's so much easier for someone who doesn't know a thing about web design.
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    Originally Posted by Tom Borowski View Post

    with 10 fingers instead of only a thumb!
    Some smart writers don't use any fingers at all...

    Speech to text can improve the amount of articles and quality of articles one writes...
  • Profile picture of the author flnz400
    That's inspiring no matter where you're at in life!

    People who've been whining and bitching around here need to watch this and go over their list of excuses once again.

    Thanks for sharing!

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