[Twitter] How do you manage multiple niches with your Twitter?

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I wonder if there is a way no manage different, unrelated niches with your Twitter account? I mean, I have VERY unrelated niches and I don't want to send to my followers stuff about a niche they are not interested at all.

How can I manage that?

....Multiple accounts?

Looking forward to your reponse.


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    Yeah multiple accounts seems like the best way, unless there's a program out there or something...
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    Unless you are the brand,.. then you only need 1 account
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      Originally Posted by Chris Endres View Post

      Unless you are the brand,.. then you only need 1 account

      I didn't understand your message.

      I have different niches and I don't want to send a Twit about "Ant Breeding" to my "Midget Dating" followers. That's the problem.
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      Originally Posted by Chris Endres View Post

      Unless you are the brand,.. then you only need 1 account
      What he meant was that you should have different accounts unless your name is synonymous with what you sell aka Frank Kern could relate to both IMers and surfers and rednecks from GA. He wouldn't need a separate account for all three.

      I, on the other hand, do not mix my personal life with my copywriting business.

      I have my copywriting Twitter account (see signature) where I interact with others in the IM and copywriting field.

      I also have my personal account under my real name where I interact with runners, health practitioners, and good people in general.

      I DO NOT try to hide who I am from the IMers by putting a link on my profile page to my real name account. Therefore, they know my from a business POV, and if they want to follow my personal doings then they can feel free to do so.

      I believe this is the best way to go about it.
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    yeah, maybe having multiple accounts is the only way,...now it comes handy that tool of managing different twitter accounts inside only one platform.
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    if you are looking for a software for this, I recommend you twitterfriendadder, do a search in the WSO and you will be able to find it
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    Yes it is the only way to do this ... seperate twitter accounts is your answer
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    It's better to delve into different niches, a great example for that is Gary Vaynerchuk, hes a wine consultant yet he goes to design conferences etc!
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    I think personally multiple accounts is the ONLY way on Twitter, without getting confused etc..
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    How helpful would easy-to-use Twitter identity management software be to you folks? Or do you already have an established system?
  • Profile picture of the author Nathan Hangen
    Twhirl, Brightkit, or Splitweet. Those should help you out

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