FTP Woes....yet again :( Free to chat on Skype?

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I'm trying to ftp some website files(some php as well) to my hosting, but for some reason I the files seem to get altered and do no work properly. I get an error like:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function phprequire() in...pathway...on line 1

I had a similar issue with some other php files which I was able to get around by uploading through the "file manager" in my hostgator reseller account. Unable to do it this time...it wont allow me to select the correct file.

Maybe this is vague...so if you think you can help, please pm or skype me and I can give you more details. If it's a big job, we can discuss $ when you're in touch. Thanks.


skype name: mikede23
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    Hi Mike, are you uploading the files in ASCII or Binary? Sometime coded pages can become currupt if uploaded in wrong transfer type, if your using cuteftp do the following..
    Goto "file menu" - "transfer Type" and see what your setting is, then just change it, is there an install guide? sometime there is a suggestion that files are uploaded as either ASCII or Binary but not using "Auto" as it can sometimes chose the wrong transfer type.
    Im not on Skype but hope this helps some.

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      Hi Stevie,

      Thanks for the quick response It looks like the setting is for "auto". Which option would you recommend that I switch it to?

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    I don't know if this helps any...I have my sites on Bluehost and I am a complete beginner at this, but they always help walk me through uploading files, hosting sites on add-on domains, etc.

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