Andy Henrys Newbie Guru Giveaway ($50 for you)

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***** Winner has been chosen - Shay60654 - Well Done! *****

Hi Warriors,

I've decided to give some money away again. (yes, no ulterior motive)

I thought in homage to some current threads, I'd put my own name in the title of the thread - Those ones always catch my attention, but I'm not sure why. I don't think it's for good reasons, but I'm willing to test it

I don't buy the whole Guru thing, I think we're all gurus - we all have unique experiences, knowledge and perspectives to bring to the table so I think everyone has the ability to enlighten a fellow Warrior in some way.

Since we all have different thoughts when the word Guru comes up - I'm not going to try and force you into someone elses version. You can use it as you see fit.

The purpose of this thread as always is to give you a reason to share some valuable information or resources with fellow Warriors.

I'll let the thread run for a while (no more than a week, I don't want it staying on the first page and hogging forum space for too long) and then pick what I think is the best thread (MY decision is the only one that counts for choosing the winner) and send the person a $50 Paypal beer for their efforts.

Since I don't believe that reading a few ebooks or making a few bucks qualifies anyone to be called a guru more than anyone else - you can be a newbie who has useful thoughts to share, or an experienced marketer sharing tried and tested stuff, I won't discriminate.

So, just post whatever advice you honestly believe has helped you or that you truely believe would help someone else be successful with their online business.

I'm not going to argue with you over whether I think you're right or wrong, this is just an opportunity for you to get those things you've been thinking about out of your head and onto the forum in case they just happen to be the very insight or advice that a fellow Warrior has been searching for.

There's no framework you have to fit into, and no topic you have to stick to - just advice, insights or resources that you wish you had 'got' earlier or you think others will benefit from.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to proactively help your fellow warriors, and if you're not the one who gets the money (I'll announce the winner), you can be sure that your help will be useful to people as they find this forum and eventually this thread. If you find something useful in someone elses answer - pay it forward and help someone else whenever the opportunity comes up.

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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
    This is probably the best advice I can give anybody because I learned it the
    hard way.

    When you give anybody advice, be VERY careful with it. Too many people,
    myself included, are quick to tell somebody "do this, do this and do that" and
    you'll make money.

    The problem with this whole train of thought is all too often, the "do this"
    requires something that the other person may not possess, such as a skill
    or money or both.

    As was argued in another thread, where I was so sure that there are people
    who just can't do this, and many came to say that anybody can do this, I
    am beginning to understand why that's true.

    And the reason is because there are so many ways that "this" can be
    done. Just because a person doesn't have one skill, or doesn't have money
    to invest, doesn't mean that they don't have something else that they
    can fall back on.

    So when you give advice, please point out any areas where they're going
    to need certain skills.

    The last thing you want to do is stay to somebody, "Go do Bum Marketing"
    without making them aware that they're going to either have to be able
    to write articles on their own (requiring a skill) or have the funds to
    outsource them to be written for them (requiring money). There is of
    course the option of bartering a skill that they DO have in order to get
    the articles written.

    Point is, recklessly passing around advice without qualifying it is reckless
    and dangerous.

    I should know. I am the master of it.

    So please be responsible with the wisdom that you dish out to others.
    Not everybody is intelligent enough to make an informed decision and
    instead will just blindly follow you down a dark alley into oblivion.

    Andy, should you decide to choose this post, please donate the $50 to
    a charity of your choice.
    • Profile picture of the author ShayRockhold
      Okay, I will give it a shot from a newbie's point of view.

      I only came to this board around 6 or 7 weeks ago. I came to this board with the idea that, while I have experience with being online and blogging, I am a complete idiot in regards to IM and everything else talked about here - which was pretty much true. :rolleyes:

      BUT - at least I realized how little I knew! So I swallowed my pride and began to read. And ask questions - even the stupid ones. (Example - I sent a PM to a very patient WF soul asking, "What's a PLR?") I read. And read. And asked. And asked.

      I did not buy any WSO until I settled on what I felt was a good "fit" for me. (But I sure wanted to!!! They all look so great!!) I have spent a grand total of $12.90 on WSOs.

      Now, thanks to the great advice in this forum, I am already starting to get a ROI of my whopping investment!

      So my advice:
      1. This place is a gold mine and full of helpful people - realize what you have here!
      2. Read. Read. Read.
      3. Ask questions on threads or via pm. Be polite and honest with your questions.
      4. Don't act like you know it all - you don't. Be humble and learn.
      5. Be patient. I read and read and asked for 6 weeks before something really "clicked." The "aha!" moment is worth it - wait for it.
      6. Once the "aha!" moment hits, focus on it and run with it.
      Okay. Those are my priceless pearls of wisdom.
    • Profile picture of the author Asher
      My "Guru" information is age old and has always worked, it has been the
      reworded, renamed, reused throughout time but the basic concept is
      still there. I'm not claiming it to be mine, I'm just sharing this information
      to anyone who is doing anything and wanting to make it a success.

      Have a specific goal in mind.
      Keep on it until you get your goal.
      If you don't, stop and review your steps.
      Go for your goal again.

      Have a specific goal in mind.
      Be as specific as possible. The goal that you have simply MUST have
      a reason. Without a good reason, your goal isn't real. It's just an
      illusionary target that will never be achieved. Set a real goal. Be
      specific about it. Understand WHY you must achieve your goal and
      that reason must be something that you are passionate about.
      A simple formula: WANT + WHY = MUST

      Keep on it until you get your goal.
      Nothing happens overnight - everything takes time. So even if you're
      expecting to make $10 overnight from an article, it still takes time.
      Nothing is instant. In the times that we live in, we've all become quite
      impatient and our tolerance for delays have been weaned down a lot.
      Keep persisting until you reach your goal.

      If you don't, stop and review your steps.
      Albert Einstein/Benjamin Franklin said: "Insanity is doing the same thing
      over and over again and expecting different results
      When you don't achieve your goal, you might be doing something wrong.
      Stop what you are doing and review what you've done. If you don't
      understand what went wrong, seek assistance. There are people who
      have already succeeded and you'd be surprised to hear what insight
      others have that might help trigger you to success.

      Go for your goal again.
      Go for your goal again. Yes, I repeated that because reaching for your
      goal will require you to keep going and going and going. Best example:
      Thomas Alva Edison. He also said "Be courageous! Whatever setbacks
      America has encountered, it always has emerged as a stronger and
      more prosperous nation... Be brave as your fathers before you.
      Have faith and go forward.
      This doesn't just apply to America (I'm not American) but it applies
      to anyone around the world. Don't give up on the goal, keep going on.
      Have faith and go forward.

    • Profile picture of the author jjpmarketing
      I don't have once specific piece of advice to give... so I am going to list those that come to mind:

      1. Take Action

      All I can say is if you don't take action nothing will ever happen, that wasn't already happening. If you don't put one foot in front of the other you will never move forward... so take action.

      2. You will never know enough/You will never know everything.

      You could spend years and years studying a subject and never know absolutely everything about it. So with that being said, make certain you are constantly learning. This doesn't mean you have to read every ebook on the planet... it just means keep your eyes and ears open so you can pick up little tidbits of information that will help you along your way.

      Just because someone is not one of these self proclaimed guru's doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about. And vice versa, just because someone is a guru doesn't mean the advice they give is correct or ethical or right for you or your business model.

      But the key is to keep an open mind with everyone, but be wise enough to filter out the BS.

      3. Stick to what you know and love

      If you love knitting sweaters and have passion for it... then that is what you should try to monetize first. If you love it, then it will be easy to write about.

      4. Never sell yourself short or overprice your products.

      Even though you may be trying to offer a product or service to make it affordable, don't sell yourself short. If the market value of a product is $100, don't sell it for $10. Stay close to what the market can withstand, otherwise you may come off as cheap. Also don't be one of those jerks who charge $1000 for something that is worth $10. You will come off as greedy.

      5. Under-promise and Over-Deliver

      It is always better to under-promise and over deliver rather than over promise and under-deliver. Know your limits. If you stretch yourself too thin... then you will be stressed out and have unhappy customers because of it.

      6. Research, Research, Research

      If you plan on releasing a product or writing about something always do plenty of research. Do both market research and product research. The market research will let you know if a product is worth the effort... as in will it be profitable. And the product research will keep you from looking like an idiot, because you said A, when in actuality it was supposed to be B.

      7. Outsourcing is your friend

      If there is something you don't know, then you are either going to have to learn it, which can take a long time depending on what it is... or you will have to outsource it to someone who does know how to do it. If Web Design is not your strong point learn to find the right designers through different channels. The amount of time you will spend trying to figure it out on your own is not worth it. Pay someone to do it for you or barter with them to have it done for free.

      8. Don't Be Afraid to Network with People

      Noone said you have to go to some big marketing convention and interact with people face to face, although there are advantages to doing this... you can strike up friendships and partnerships with like minded people via forums, blog comments, chat rooms, social networks etc.

      9. There is no such thing as a free lunch

      The only people that get rich overnight are lottery winners. This is a business and you are going to have to earn your stripes. You will have to put in lots of time and effort, and yes money too. Be the Tortoise, not the Hare. You can try to find loopholes and blackhat tricks all you want, but just like drug dealing and bank robbing... eventually you will get caught. This doesn't mean you can't find ways to be more effective or more efficient... but be careful of the "sounds too good to be true" shortcuts.

      10. Copywriting

      It would be wise to learn as much as you can about copywriting. If you don't want to write your own copy, that is fine. However, in order to know if the copywriting you outsourced is good, bad, or ugly you need to know enough about the subject to spot good or bad copy.

      So there you have it. 10 tips. The most important being "Take Action". The rest are not in any particular order.
  • Profile picture of the author natalie1
    Thank you for the tips and encouragement. I especially like the tip about sticking to something you love--tried too many things in markets where I had no initial interest and of course ended up losing interest and money , no pun intended!
  • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
    no worries - puns are allowed
  • Profile picture of the author dean mcevoy
    a common phrase with my own twist

    reach for the stars, even if you miss youll be the first person on mars

    i wont win the 50 bucks but i might put a smile on someones face
    • Profile picture of the author Ruth Hendrickson
      When first starting out in IM a couple of years ago, I was totally confused and experienced information overload daily. Warriors were talking about stuff way over my head and it often felt like making money online was something I could only dream about but would never achieve. But the longer I hung around the more things started to make sense. I've had many "aHah" moments, and still have them!

      This is what I've learned in the past couple of years in IM:

      To make money online, you must have a product to sell. It can be your own, or someone else's product, and it can be a service that you provide, but you must have something to sell.

      Your own website is a must, and you need to have some knowledge of HTML. Many will disagree with this, but I've found it essential. HTML is easy to learn; there are many free online courses and books in the public library that teach it. Although many people start out with free blogs, etc., that's fine to get your feet wet but when you get really serious about IM, get your own website.

      You need an autoresponder as soon as you can afford it to start building lists and keep your customers for future marketing campaigns. You'll need squeeze pages for this, too, to get people to sign up. The best way to get people to sign up is by giving away free information, like a free ebook.

      Learn how to turn a Word document into a PDF document so you can create your own products. This is a lot easier than it was 2 years ago, maybe because I discovered Open Office.

      Set up one campaign after searching for a good niche and finding keywords, including long tail keywords. The campaign should have at minimum your website, a product or products to sell (remember, these don't have to be your own, they can be affiliate products), a squeeze page to get people to sign up to your list, and a download page.

      When you have one successful campaign going, start on another one. If your first campaign makes an average $200 a month, then you can build one after another until you reach your goal. The potential is unlimited!

      Stick with something until it is completed, and don't let yourself get distracted while reading posts here, and elsewhere. It's good to set aside some downtime to browse and learn, just be careful, or you'll end up spending your entire day browsing and getting nothing accomplished.

      Write articles every day, and do other marketing every day. You can have great products and a wonderful campaign set up, but if you have no one going to your website or squeeze page, you'll sell nothing and make no money.

      Accept the fact that you'll never know everything there is to know about IM. Nobody else does either. Those who try to learn everything before getting started often never take action because trying to learn everything becomes overwhelming.

      Just get started with what you know and go from there! It's okay to make mistakes; some of my mistakes have been the best teachers.
  • Profile picture of the author Peter Bestel
    For someone that has found their way onto the Warrior Forum, is wondering what and how to use IM in their business and is willing to listen, I’d suggest this approach.

    Firstly, realise that Internet Marketing is simply a strategy to market your business products or services. It should form just one part of your business model and plan. It should sit alongside all the other elements that comprises your business as a whole.

    The ‘work backwards’ plan

    If, after being around this forum and getting promo emails from various IMers you are suffering from the all-too-common information overload; step away from your computer and sit down with a piece of paper and a pen. Write down what you want from your business. Figure out exactly the kind of lifestyle that you want your business to create for you. You can do this for every aspect of your life but for your business at least ask yourself these two questions: By this time next year, how much do you earn and how many hours a week will you be working?

    You’ll then have some idea of how your business will be structured and something to aim at.

    The all too usual way of going into business is to see what you’re good at or knowledgeable of, and try and find a market for it. However that can be a very tough road to go down and often proves unsuccessful. A better way, a ‘work backwards’ way, would be to find a hungry market and research how to satisfy that market – ‘fish were the fish are’ so to speak.

    This is the beauty of using IM. If you chose information products, for example, then something like ClickBank is a fantastic way of discovering hungry markets.

    Choose one and run with it

    Then, consider all the information you’ve acquired and decide on ONE simple model that you feel comfortable with and are reasonably confident that you can carry out. Writing articles that promote a site with affiliate products is a common one.

    DO IT! Work with this model for a period of time, enough so you can honestly evaluate it. In that time you should not only have got to grips with this particular model, but other methods will become apparent to you and you’ll start asking smart questions.

    Come back to this forum and ask those questions. Be willing to listen, learn, grow and make more money.

    Build on the knowledge you’re accumulating and hone the skills you’ve been acquiring. Try new business models and enter more niches if appropriate.

    Constantly assess your business model(s) and adjust accordingly so you’re heading towards your end-of-year goal. When you’re about to reach that, set more and keep going.

  • Profile picture of the author cypherslock
    The best advice I ever got was: F.O.C.U.S.:

  • Profile picture of the author waken
    Three words that summarize all > Just Do It.

    In other words, Take Action.

    There are a lot of reasons as to why people are not making money online ie:
    • limited knowledge
    • limited cash
    • limited time
    • lack of interest
    • lack of perseverance
    • worries
    • doubts
    • fear
    But the most prominent of all that haunted all of us "once" was LACK OF ACTION!

    How many times did you spend another $97 buying another make money ebook that are getting praise from everyone that you come across just to learn that you already know most (if not all) of the tactics discussed?

    How many success stories that you've read about people making money online start from a position worse than yours?

    It's the worst of bad habits human beings are being infected with. They simply don't take action while knowing enough how something could be done. They prefer to be a by stander, procrastinate and start complaining the sky and the land when he had just written a few articles or making a few forum post that they can't make money online. What is this?

    Ask any successful marketer, and all will be nodding their head that you simply need to take action to start making money online if that's what bother you.

    So, start taking action now!
  • Profile picture of the author John Hillage
    My advise comes from about 2 years of rushing around and trying TOO much. Find 1 or 2 niches that are profitable and mine them until there's no gold or oil left in them! Don't jump from 1 niche to the next constantly but go deeper into your successful niche. Offer ebooks, mp3's, membership sites, coaching, affiliate stuff etc. etc. You will achieve much more and much quicker.
    • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
      My advice is to understand the importance of your numbers, particularly visitor value (which is a function of conversion rate and site traffic volume).

      Visitor value = average profit per unique visitor


      Your product profit (after cost of sale) is $50
      You sell one copy per 100 unique visitors
      That's $50 profit per 100 unique visitors
      So each visitor 'makes' $0.50 for you

      When you know your visitor value, you can do things like:

      1. Calculate how much you can spend to get a visitor to your site.

      2. Predict how much you could increase profit by increasing traffic.

      3. Create a plan for greatly increasing 'hard cash' profit by a combination of increasing visitor value and traffic.

      A lot of the smoke clears when you understand where the money is coming from.


  • Profile picture of the author Christopher R Everson
    When you learn something, try it. Stuff you learn but don't do anything with is just Trivia in my opinion, and unless you ride the jeopardy circuit it won't make you much money.
    • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
      Forget all the hype and hooplah, find one system that has been proven successful by those before you and follow it to the book.. providing it fits in with your beliefs and goals you WILL be a success.


  • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
    Great advice on several different subjects so far - thanks.

    As far as copywriting goes, I thought I'd add a simple guide which has been used in offline marketing for ages and I've used for nearly 10 years online too.



    This is the basic structure of a sales message and can be applied directly to how a simple sales page can be outlined.

    Attention - This is where you headline comes in. Your headline should let your target audience know your message is for them. If your audience is people with a God-complex, make sure the headline will catch their attention. If it's for acne sufferers make it obvious.

    Interest - Having caught their attention you now need to develop their interest.
    The purpose of the sales page is ultimately to have the reader click on the 'buy' button so the rest of the process is to that aim.

    Desire - once they're interested and have kept reading, you have the chance to create some desire for your particular product.

    The end result being:

    Action - Give them (clearly) the instruction to take your desired action (BUY).

    You can spice things up with a lot more psychological elements but that's the age-old simple structure which you can start from.

  • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
    Nice list - I love it....

    Keep them coming.
  • Profile picture of the author Henry Artz
    Just sharing, I'm a newbie. I always inspired when reading these 3 quotes from Warren Buffett.

    1. I don't look to jump over 7-foot bars; I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over.

    2. If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

    3. I violated the Noah rule: Predicting rain doesn't count; building arks does.
    • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
      Originally Posted by hartajaya View Post

      Just sharing, I'm a newbie. I always inspired when reading these 3 quotes from Warren Buffett.

      1. I don't look to jump over 7-foot bars; I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over.

      2. If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

      3. I violated the Noah rule: Predicting rain doesn't count; building arks does.

      I like to think big - but 40 women - that didn't occur to me and I don't think I could cope with it , I'd rather keep one woman REALLY happy than 40 satisfied..

      The first quote is interesting. Quite often in IM people give themselves targets that they have no way to reach, but if they broke it down into manageable pieces they could easily get there.

      Thanks for those quote.
  • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
    Ok, the response has been slower than usual so I'm not going to drag it out - The winner is:


    Shay - PM me your Paypal address and I'll send you your prize. (more than $50)

    Thanks everyone.


    • Profile picture of the author ShayRockhold
      Originally Posted by Andyhenry View Post

      Ok, the response has been slower than usual so I'm not going to drag it out - The winner is:


      Shay - PM me your Paypal address and I'll send you your prize. (more than $50)

      Thanks everyone.


      I won???

      Hooray! Thank you!!!
  • Profile picture of the author Amit
    Before making any money through affiliate marketing I read a lot of forum posts, blogs and email newsletters. Although I thought I was wasting time with those - it was the other way round because I gained valuable knowledge that I'd be needing soon and without which I'd actually lose a LOT of money.

    But I made my first dollar online when I applied all those nuggets of knowledge and added a little bit of common sense. My first PPC campaign became profitable to the extent that whenever I put $1 in it I'd generate atleast $4. Although over the time it has become $2.8 but I atleast get to see profits that majority of budding affiliates NEVER EVER see - even once!

    So, read and DIGEST the knowledge and APPLY those bits of knowledge and just GO FOR IT!


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