Are You On My Ignore List?!

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Well as with this friends thing, you can also add people to an ignore list!

So what does it do I hear some of you asking? Well whoever happens to be on your list, their posts become 'hidden' and by that I mean, it tells you that this particular person has posted and you then have the option to view it or not.

All in all, if anyone understood that paragraph above, what do you think the benefits of this is? I for one think it's good, for the simple reason that you can effectively decide whose posts you actually want to read.

It doesn't mean you have something against the particular person (You might!) but all you'd really be doing is viewing posts for people you DO want to read!

Have I confused you enough yet?

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    Originally Posted by Mark McWilliams View Post

    Have I confused you enough yet?
    I dunno.. you're on my ignore list so I couldn't read your post
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    Gosh -- I have set everyone here to 'Ignore' so all I can read is my own posts...

    [Of course I'm kidding... I believe I can learn something valuable from everyone who makes a real and sincere effort to post and share...]

    And I am not smart enough to know in advance who might make that next 'AHA Moment' post that revolutionizes something in my own life.

    I truly value you all in that 'sincere and real' class -

    Chip Tarver
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    Hi All,

    No one is speaking to me. It's like they don't see me. Whats going on?

    George Wright
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      This is a bit extreme, but I've seen one forum where the ignore feature even hides the posts and threads started by the ignored person. It's definitely overkill, but it's nifty to be able to wipe out all signs of a troll's existence.
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      You posted a one liner. So Mark isn't listening. I'm not either.

      Oh heck I forgot to hit the ignore. Sorry George, I broke your string of ignores.

      The Old Geezer

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