"DLGuard" membership software is not what I expected and here's why...

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Hello and good morning to those of you who are just getting up.
I wanted to tell some of you who might be interested, about an experience
that I recently had with the owner and maker of "DLGuard" Security Software and Download Link Protector, Sam Stevens, who owns the software has been on my A+ list since I bought the "DLGuard"software over a year ago.
Sam's Customer Support has outranked that of any other product that I've bought over the Internet.
When I first bought "DLGuard" security software and Download Link Protector, I wanted something that would give full protection to all of my download links, provide a secure membership environment and
as a novice, I needed a product that would be easy for me to understand and use.
Above all that, I had to have good, reliable customer support.
Sam Stevens has provided everything mentioned above and then some.
He even helped me out by making me a piece of software that I needed to have made for another project.

"DLGuard" Security Software and Download Link Protector, along with the complete customer support that is provided by Sam Stevens himself is just plain fantastic,
and that's all I have to say...
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  • Profile picture of the author John Taylor
    Welcome to the club, Sam is known for his legendary

    • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
      In 5 years of marketing online, I have yet to meet anybody who provides
      the kind of support Sam does. I sometimes wonder if the man sleeps.

      DLGuard was absolutely the BEST investment I ever made in my Internet
      marketing life.

      Nothing else even comes close.
  • Profile picture of the author Frank Ayres
    You don't say anywhere in your post though why the software isn't what you expected?
    • Profile picture of the author Chuck Evans
      Originally Posted by SpudDS View Post

      You don't say anywhere in your post though why the software isn't what you expected?
      Actually he DID! He was expecting poor support and the software NOT living up to it's claims!

  • Profile picture of the author Tim_Carter
    I totally agree.

    Sam since you will no doubt check this post - how about having an expiry date on the coupons?

    And yes - You don't say anywhere in your post why the "membership" software is not what I expected.

  • Profile picture of the author PaulSchubert
    Okay, it's my turn to add to this thread... I have been involved with the computer industry for over 28 years. I can honestly say that Sam is a perfect example of everything a business owner should be. There is not an active company in the world that begins to provide the high degree of customer service and satisfaction (proportionately speaking) which Sam does for his customer base. Sam is a role model for all Internet Marketers.

    Thank you Sam for everything.

    • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
      Hey Sam

      I thought I'd chuck in my tuppence worth.

      You're a joy to work with - even if you do keep getting the name of my product wrong

      Sam for Prime Minister!

  • Profile picture of the author Sami
    Paul Myers is right on the point when he mentions we don't praise top notch service and products enough. We only ever moan.

    On average an unhappy customer tells around 11 other people. That's was an offline stat. Online it must be more.

    And on average a happy customer tells only around 2 others. Again that's offline.

    That's an unfortunate and selfish side of human nature.

    My honest views about DLguard are all over this forum based on my 2-week experience of dealing with Sam.

    But this post give me great pleasure to agree with you all ... Sam is a model business man ... and also has a really wise and experienced head on his shoulders for such a young guy.

    Well done Sam and may you succeed even bigger than you're doing already.

  • Profile picture of the author tommyfocus
    Have to add this to my list of things to get.
  • Profile picture of the author Mike Hill
    I've had DL Guard for a while now and it's the best dam software I've purchased. The only thing better than the software is Sam's support...

    I had a few problems in the beginning and Sam sorted me out... It was
    all my fault but this dude was still apologetic.

    Vote For Sam... I am!

    Mike Hill
  • Profile picture of the author samstephens
    Thanks so much Dave, I'm glad you're happy with DLGuard

    And thanks for everyone's support here - I really do appreciate it!

    If we, as a group, were as quick to tell folks when someone creates a great product or goes the extra mile, would more people make the effort?

    Worth thinking about...
    And not only would people possibly go the extra mile more often, but one thing is for sure: we'd all enjoy ourselves a lot more!

    We all work really hard on our businesses - we might as well enjoy them. And a great way to enjoy yourself is to help others enjoy themselves.

    When you may other people happy, you'll suddenly realize how much better you feel, too.

    It's amazing how well it rubs off!

    BTW... does this mean I need to upgrade my software? Does that mean I have to be concerned about the membership and products I already set up? Ya got me worried now, Harvey!
    Heh, no Harvey is just kidding. He likes to minimize the number of times he has to click his mouse button per day

    No need to upgrade your software (unless you want to - everyone gets free upgrades for a year).

    Where is Sam?

    Maybe Sam should consider coaching all the other programmers to offer a great service like he does
    I finally made it here, Bev

    Actually I been considering starting a software seller's membership for all those looking to run a software business...might be worth doing!

    Thank you ALL for your kind words - I really do appreciate it! It makes a tough job really rewarding!

  • Profile picture of the author DonDavis
    Is this one of them there "bad news" type headlines?

    I thought I was coming into this thread to defend Sam and I found a lovefest.
  • Profile picture of the author Tnortham
    Wow this is quite a thread. May have to add this to my arsenal. Is this good for freemembership areas? I want to create an area of my site that is locked down unless you sign up for free. Does this do the job?
  • Profile picture of the author samstephens
    Hi Tnortham,

    Yes, you certainly can create a free members area with DLGuard - no worries at all!

    Thanks for your interest!

  • Profile picture of the author James Schramko
    Well done Sam. I use it for many sites now. It is so easy.
  • Profile picture of the author ecoverartist
    I was helping someone set up the first version of Fantasos...(JV Manager), it was a nightmare.

    He ended up getting DLGuard instead and has never looked back!
    • Profile picture of the author Kevin Riley
      Me too! Me too!

      Sam's customer service is fantastic. The last time I had a problem, I mentioned that my shoulders where stiff and Sam hopped on an 8 hour flight up here to give me a hot oil massage. Ooops, I may have said too much.
  • Profile picture of the author cashtech29
    I couldn't agree more "e-cover", most people never look back,
    (unless their trying to rain on somebody's parade).
    But that's another show.

    No rain clouds in site.
    Nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing.
  • Profile picture of the author bobsstuff
    I have the highest regard for Sam and DLGuard.

    MY problems were always quickly and courteously solved. I EMPHASIZE the MY because it was him helping me with things I didn't get, even though they were in front of my face. I never had a problem with the software.
  • Profile picture of the author Hendry Lee
    I found several problems with DLGuard during my installation, contact Sam and he instantly added it to his to do list. I agree that the support is superb.

    Keep up the good work Sam.

    Regarding upgrade, sure... every software needs to be upgraded. WordPress soon to be 2.7, web server for security reason, etc. And if that also involves additional features, I'll use 5 minutes in the weekend to do that. Can't complain, at all.
  • Profile picture of the author mmurtha
    Oh dang!

    Why did anyone tell me we were throwing a party for Sam?

    I need to chime in ...

    I think this is a swell thread, and Sam deserves every bit of praise he gets, and then some!

    I know he's helped me a few times, and goesw the extra mile always.

    So Sam,

    When the heck do you sleep??

    I know for fact you are on the Internet at various times of the day, and you always find time to answer every PM and email in a timely fashion.

    Paul is right, if more people started taking your example to the next level, we'd have a bunch of happy campers!

    Thanks Sam for everything.

    All the best ...


    P.S. DLGuard rocks! I hope you do put that service up.
    • Profile picture of the author cashtech29
      Here we go again Sam...
      Thank You for answering my simple question
      And Thank You for the positive attitude.
  • Profile picture of the author yaji
    Very well received. Added to my A+ list in future shopping. Thanks for sharing guys.
    • Profile picture of the author buckapple
      For myself I can't imagine what it would be like to set up a script without Sam helping, especially with paypal involved. I've haven't seen anyone provide "after the sale" service like he does.

  • Profile picture of the author UncleHQ

    Now where did I put the affiliate link? ;-)
  • Profile picture of the author GeorgR.
    DLG == best money ever spent. End of thread.

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