Word of Caution for New Article Marketers

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If you're just getting started with article marketing, EzineArticles.com will be a place you come to know and love. It's easily the best article directory out there. Consistent submission of articles there can really drive a steady flow of targeted visitors to your site.

But what you do at first can determine your fate at EzineArticles. I follow the official EZA Twitter "personality," and this morning they posted an interesting Tweet. I didn't know this (maybe others already did), but be warned that when you're new at EZA, you need to write articles that are not only high quality and error-free, but that also go beyond the minimum word length (which is 250).

EZA has three levels of free membership: Basic, Basic Plus, and Platinum. You want to shoot for Platinum because you get your articles approved faster and you can submit unlimited numbers of them. But, according to the EZA Tweet I saw, what can prevent you from achieving Platinum is having articles that are near the minimum of 250 words. So, even if you write a really good article, if it's too short, you may only be "promoted" to Basic Plus.

So, a warning to newbies: write high quality articles that are well over 250 words when you first submit to EZA. Of course, you'll always want to submit only high quality, but you can drop the length down once you get to Platinum. They didn't give a specific number to shoot for, but I would advise 350 or more to be safe.

I hope this helps some of you just getting started to reach Platinum Level faster.

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  • Profile picture of the author grumpyjacksa
    it makes sense.

    platinum status should be attained by "qualification" , not simply from numbers.
    • Profile picture of the author Bazbo
      Thanks for the tip. I've already achieved Platinum but I'm sure you just saved a lot of newbies some time. It's definitely worth the extra trouble to get to Platinum faster; otherwise your articles will take about a week to be approved, instead of the two day service Platinum authors get.

      Plus, they don't tell you this, but once you reach Platinum, they send you a cool EZA coffee mug. So make sure you're using a real physical address.

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