Just arrived here!

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I hope everyone is doing well and flourishing. I hope to get help from all of you experts out there on how to market a website or get people to my website AND JOIN.
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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum Michael.
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    Thanks Glenn! God Bless!
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    Welcome to the best marketing site on the planet.

    First, decide what you want to do. If it's get more traffic to your site then do a search for that on the forum.

    Second, read, read and read some more to identify which strategies and tactics fit what you desire to achieve.

    Third, once you have the strategies you want to focus on take massive action to implement them. Of course make sure you have a simple plan.

    Finally, along the way come back and ask for clarification and suggestions.
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    Welcome Michael - Take a look around and start asking some questions to accelerate your learning - you're in the right place to learn.
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    Welcome to the forum Michael... this is a great place to learn what works. There are many effective ways to get loads of people to your website, just have a look around and do a search, then read other peoples experiences and what works for them. This forum is a strong community that will help with any questions you have.

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