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I'm a trial and error learner and I'm having my first Joomla experience. And now I hit a snag. I figure if I can get some Warrior help I won't have to admit defeat.

Anyway, I want to reorder a couple of my Site Modules. Problem is, some of them are "checked out". Is there a way to "un-chek out" them so I can do the reorder?

Thanks in advance,
Joomla Neophyte
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    What version are you in? Go to "global checkin" in the administrator backend, it's one of the top tool bars, I think "tools".
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    Log into your admin panel. At the top is a menu- look for System near the right. On that dropdown menu is Global Checkin.

    That should fix your problem. Right now Joomla "thinks" another user is working on some of your modules, so it won't let you get to them.
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    Go to System > Global Checkin in the top menu bar.

    Make sure you're logged in as an Administrator.

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