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Hello fellow warriors!

I'll make this short. Some friends of mine want to learn IM as they noticed my success, and I decided to help them. Now, I personally can give them a lot of good advice but I sometimes find it pretty hard to explain some of the basic little things of online marketing.

I remember when I started how confusing it all was and I can relate to that feeling. I wanted to recommend them a free e-book that would take them by the hand and teach them all IM basics and make my job a little easier.

I sent them to download Dotcomology which is one of the e-books that got me started on IM but I'm guessing it hasn't been updated for some time so while I'm sure that book will lead them on the right path(do you think it's still a good manual for a complete newbie?), I wanted to ask if you could recommend any free good guides for complete newbies. Even if the guide is yours, that's no problem

After they read Dotcomology and maybe some of the guides you'll recommend I have in mind some good paid guides they can buy but I wanted to start them off with something free to make an idea of what this business is all about.

I find it rather strange to teach a complete newbie IM one on one, as I've never done any coaching or stuff like that. It's a little different than discussions on a forum or blog posts.

Anyway thanks for your help!
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    Check out my signature I made a free report on generating traffic!
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    I wrote a book that I believe (of course) to be a real good "newbie" read that touches briefly on all aspects of IM. This is something that I giveaway to newbies that come to my review site that are interested in getting started online.

    This was NOT a PLR product that I rehashed. This is simply what I was looking for when I got started so if you want a copy, PM me and I'll give you a link to get it. It might be helpful and you can read it for yourself to make sure.


    Craig Raphael
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      Originally Posted by Clark View Post

      Good advice - Ken was promoting the publishing model of high quality site content before everyone realized that's what you really should be doing. (back when MFA and arbitrage offered easy and fast access to big money).

      All of his material is based on real world advice that works. Definitely not get rich quick though.
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    RAZVANSMILLIONS by Steve Fullman.

    ...not out yet, but I've heard it's good...

    Think about 'business' before 'method' my advice.

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      Originally Posted by Steven Fullman View Post

      RAZVANSMILLIONS by Steve Fullman.

      ...not out yet, but I've heard it's good...

      Think about 'business' before 'method' my advice.

      I didn't quite get that
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    Hey, thank you guys for your responses, I'll have a look at everything you recommended

    I was now taking another look at the Dotcomology e-book, skimming through the 300+ pages and I have to say - Stone Evens did a great job there. Most of the stuff presented there is is still available today and it makes it very easy to understand.

    Anyway thanks again for your replies. I'm hoping for my friends to understand the basics from these guides and I'll take care of them from there, probably gonna start with some easy PPC + CPA/affiliate programs to let them have a taste of the money making business
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    Allan Gardyne gives away an excellent freebie on 77 ways to drive traffic - maybe a little specific (if u were after more general) but helpful none the less.
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    I have to second Allan Gardyne for great beginner, free guides. He has several last I knew, look around for them, one of his sites is:

    Affiliate programs - Learn from an affiliate marketing veteran
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    WOW ... I'm impressed with Allan Gardyne's site, thanks for sharing. Great info there for all types of marketers not just beginners.

    Thanks again guys, I've bookmarked some great resources here.
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    I provide a complete training course and support at Welcome to MSICoach Internet Marketing College It is over 60 videos and workbooks plus it includes over 6,000 articles and over 300 products to help you get started.

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    I would recommend getting into Article Marketing
    using this free course ->

    Bum Marketing Method - Free Traffic Tips

    Hope this helps as much as it did for me when
    I first started out

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